How do I make more sales?

Profit Love Byte (3)Struggling to make sales?

I hear this all the time, I see it constantly in Facebook groups and it is one of the most common questions I am asked. Anytime I post “Ask Melanie” on Facey I get this question at least once.

So how do I make more sales?

Not making the sales you are looking for in your business is a symptom of something else. That means it is near impossible for someone in a Facebook group, on a page or anywhere else to hand you a glitter stuffed magic sales pill.

If you sent a text message to a Doctor asking “Why do I feel tired” the chance of a correct diagnosis would be 1 in a million. When you post in a Facebook group or ask people who know sweet F.A about your business you are doing the same. You are asking them to diagnose you with zero real information. Who knows what diagnosis you will get?

What is really going on?

Who knows? I haven’t got a clue (unless you are one of my group coaching gals, then I know exactly where you’re sabotaging yourself!). I can guess though…

It could be any one or more of the following:

• Your offer doesn’t match what your customers are looking for
• Your offer is too broad
• You have no sales funnel
• Your potential customers don’t know where to find you
• You’re not doing enough to put your product in front of people
• Your self worth is attached to your product so you sell from a place of fear
• You’re not clear on what you are actually selling
• You’re confusing your customers with a buffet of products
• Your marketing is reactive, not proactive
• Your customers don’t buy unless you discount
• Your sales goals are non existent so you have zero clue what you’re working towards

I could go on and on and on…. but I won’t.

Instead I am creating a Sales Hustle for you crazy Profit Loving ladies., it will be ready soon. You will be able to identify where you are going wrong so you can take action on fixing that… not chasing some random suggestion of someone who has less clue than you!

In the mean time… if you haven’t downloaded the 30 Minute Hustle guide you can get your hands on that below!