How I Manage My Business in 30 Minutes a Day

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How I manage my business in 30 minutes per day blog

Last week I wrote a blog about the five basic plans your business must have, I sent the blog out at 5am QLD time and within two hours I had 17 thank you emails. This tells me two things:

  1. You’re a bunch of early birds aren’t you! Seriously, you lot are up at sparrow’s fluff!
  2. You are happy to have plans if it is super easy and you know what to focus on

Today I want to give you an insight into my business and how I manage it in 30 minutes a day using the plans I told you about. That does not mean I only work 30 minutes a day, I would be dangerous with all that spare time on my hands. 30 minutes is the amount of time it takes for me to do the following:

  • Track sales
  • Check cashflow/budget
  • Schedule marketing
  • Check daily schedule
  • Check action plan progress
  • Track database growth
  • Record marketing spend
  • Create to do list for the day

All that stuff gets done in just 30 minutes per day (sometimes less depending on the day). I know exactly where I am in my business every morning by 8am. I also know what the focus of the day should be (it doesn’t go to plan 100% of the time but that is just part of being self employed) and where I need to spend my time to make money.

Just like I mentioned last week in my blog it really comes down to just five plans. Sales, Marketing, Cash flow/budget, Time and Action.  Everything listed above falls into one of those categories.

Do I start my day differently to you?

Most people in business will start their day by opening emails and checking their Facebook page and Instagram feed. It is so easy to lose the best part of your day doing this. It is often mid morning before the task list gets written and pretty soon momentum is lost.

My task list is different to yours!

I make sure my daily task list is made up of actions from my plans, not stuff that I randomly remembered I needed to get done that day. My list always includes something from my action plan (my plan of big projects for 2016).

Less stress, less panic, better results!

I have been using my 30 minutes a day system for about 7 months now. It took me a while of trial and error, removing stuff I really didn’t need and adding in the stuff I did. As a result I am completely in control, I have a lot less “what the peaches am I supposed to be doing today?” stress and panic, I rarely feel overwhelmed and my sales increase every month.

Yeah Melanie, but you’re super focused and organised anyway….

People assume I am super organised, super focused and I just know how to get stuff done. Not true. Not true at all. I am a chronic daydreamer, I terrible procrastinator and I have a 40 minute attention span. I am usually all over the place, this is why I need to create systems to keep myself inline.


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