How the language you use affects your business

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Hey Lady!  I want YOU to watch your f#$king language when you talk about your business!


Think about the language you use when you market your business or when you discuss your business with others, particularly family and friends.  As women it can often be a struggle to prove we have legitimate money making businesses.   People’s perception of your business may be linked to the fact that you have just returned to work after having kids, it might be because you left a full time role to spend more time at home.  Have you thought about people perceiving your business to be less than it is because you use language to suggest that it is?

Do you ever say the following:

“I am just a work from home mum”

“I am just a home based business”

“It’s just a hobby business”

“I just do this part-time”

All of these statements (and many more) will have people treating you and your business with less respect that you (both) deserve.  My suggestion it to “fake it till you make it” if you find talking about your business in a positive light difficult.  Just simply say “I have a successful (insert business type) business that I really enjoy” and leave it at that!.  ‘Successful’ means different things to different people – its not just about money – so even if your business is not where you want it to be you can still talk about it in a positive light.

If you want others to treat you and your business with respect you will need to respect yourself first!

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