How tied is your self worth to your product or service?

How tied is your self worth with your product or service?

Women have a wonderful ability to personalize absolutely everything. This includes wrapping our product or services up with our own self worth. Here are all the horrible things that happen when you do that:

Number 1 – Unless you are completely in love with yourself which is actually something I encourage you will undercharge. You will price your products or services depending on how you value yourself. Low self value can result in low price which of course results in low profit.

Number 2 – if anyone criticises your product or service you will die a little inside. It won’t matter if it is your best customers or some beastly excuse for a woman that sits behind their computer crapping on other women (this by the way is one of my least favourite types of humans).

Number 3 – You feel like you have been rejected if someone says no to purchasing your product or service because even though they are saying “no to a product or service” you are hearing “they don’t like me”, “they think I am not good enough” “I didn’t do enough” “I am not enough” – its like a flash back to that boy in 7th grade that didn’t want to pash you at the blue light disco – its rejection.

There are thousands of reasons why someone might not buy from you but I bet it has very little to do with you personally – unless your arsehole, then it probably is you – but I doubt you’re an arsehole.