How to clarify your business vision

There are less than 90 Days left in 2022. So now is a great time to ask yourself if where you are right now is where you want to be at the end of 2023? I have a super quick and easy worksheet to challenge your thinking about your New Year plans...

Let's be brutally honest, profit lover...

Likely, your business will be exactly where it is today unless you’re willing to shake things up!

Here's the catch; you need to know what things to shake up so, you don't shake the wrong things... and ermm... break stuff that is already working.Not sure what should change, and none too pleased with where your business is today?  Here's a quick and easy profit-lovin challenge to get you thinking about the future. It only takes a few minutes and can unleash some seriously great ideas on your deeper business desires.

Now, you all know I never give you anything I don't use myself so let me tell you where this idea came from.

Back in late 2020, I was feeling major business brain fatigue (for obvious reasons related to a highly contagious virus that shall not be named). I couldn't figure out how to de-funk myself, so I grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling.I came up with a list of things I wanted less of in my business and a list of things I wanted a lot more of. Nothing complicated, nothing time-consuming, just an easy way to get some new ideas out of my head and onto paper.Simple. Quick. Crazy effective.

Here is my 2020 mess of ideas below and what I have changed over the last couple of years. 

My messy handwriting, I am sure my destiny was to be a doctor!

Here is my 2020 "More of this, Less of that" worksheet. There is another page of improvements to offers but it's even more unreadable (if you can imagine), plus I spilled juice on it...

 What you can see is how many changes I made to my business from one simple brain dump. 

  • Updated branding and took some branded photos of myself in my office to use on socials, podcast etc
  • Increased budget for VA support and handed off a list of tasks so I could reduce my task overwhelm
  • Changed up my sales funnels to make life simpler and more profitable
  • Stopped offering Members Club as a monthly subscription, totally rebuilt it as an intensive profit focused mastermind program
  • Increased prices for Members Club and One to One Coaching to allow me to focus more on getting amazing outcomes for members + clients
  • Launched a Podcast to build my visibility, expertise status and list growth and started using Bonjoro to personally connect with subscribers and Members. 

Eye-opening realisations that hit me like a ton of bricks!

I honestly had no idea how much seeing failed Members Club payments (it's the fourth scribble on the list) was affecting my well-being as a business until I wrote it down. Yes, I could have re-directed those emails to my VA but it was deeper than that. 

Sending the emails to someone else's inbox was only part of the problem. That small "less of seeing failed payments" sent me on an entirely new path of figuring what I wanted Members Club to be. Coupled with My Brand Story I was able to rebuild Members Club in an entirely new way that is super outcome focused. 

No more hiding or playing small...

This exercise also bought to life how invisible I was in the world of business coaches, and what needed to change with better branding, more personal photos and a better way to share my expertise. Hence, the birth of The Profit Lovers Podcast. 

There is so much we bury deep down inside because it's easier to keep doing the day-to-day drudge work than digging into what we truly want from our businesses. It's scary and overwhelming, and sometimes quite daunting to chase new goals and dreams.

Pivoting a business, accepting that you need more help or realising that you have to let go of people, products...or something else is of course nerve wracking but on the other side of those decisions is a business that fulfils you in so many new and exciting ways. 


So today, I want to gift you this simple exercise. 

I want you to enjoy your 2023 as much as I know I will enjoy mine so I am sharing the worksheet I use to inspire change.More of this and less of that is now a go-to for clients who are stuck, Members Clubbets who need some inspiration and of course, myself! If you're keen-beans on public accountability share your worksheet on Insta and tag @theprofitlovers so I can see !

How to use the worksheet.

Easy, download it, print it and start scribbling. If you don't have a printer or prefer digital open a doc and start typing into two columns. There are no rules because this is a brain dump. Scribble, highlight, curse and swear... It's YOUR brain dump so go crazy. Every "more" box doesn't need to have a corresponding "less". Use just the "more" boxes or "less" boxes if that's what feels right. 

Not sure how to start the flow of ideas?

Here are some prompts to get you started.

  • What offers do you want to sell more or less of? 
  • What marketing do you want to do more or less of?
  • Where are you spending your time and what do you want to ditch so you can focus on other things?
  • What would make your day run more smoothly?
  • How would you spend a "perfect" day in your business?
  • What is filling your plate a little too much? 
  • What boundaries do you need to put in place?
  • What do you need more information, support or clarity around?
  • What would you like to stop doing in your business?
  • What do you desperately wish your business would provide for you?

So you have a ton of new ideas..what next?

The only reason I now have a podcast, mastermind program, better branding and everything else I listed above is I took action. I had to figure out how I was covering the investment of more support, where I was going to make time to create the podcast, what impact increasing prices might have on my sales conversion etc.

"Most importantly I had to plan to make the changes and despite outward appearances I am not a great planner and executer of ideas" 

Ideas are easy, action is where business becomes more difficult.

So I flagged the changed with my business buddies, hauled in my VA and content creator and shared my ideas. They kept me honest and moving in the right direction. I also relied on an arsenal of Members Club tools from cash flow planner, Plan + Track Ultimate project planner, CEO map, products + services review and much more! I used pretty much every tools I have developed in my own business to get things done! 

Don't have support, a mastermind or an arsenal of tools? 

I have all that and more ready and waiting for you in Member Club. Let's transform those ideas to an action plan so you can hit $100k in profit (not sales! PROFIT) and more. 

Got the Profit Lovers Plan + Track?