How to get some sales motivation happening!

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If I called you today (I do this to terrorise my clients) and asked what your sales were for the day, week and month to date could you tell me?

Most small business owners would answer no to that question for the simple reason that they don’t actually check. If you wait until the end of the month, or worse the end of the quarter to check your sales results you are robbing yourself. Watch my video to find out why!

Check your sales figures daily! Even if you run the type of business that bills once a month, you can still do this!

If I work one on one with a client who pays $1500 per month for 2 sessions I record $750 on each day that I coach. If you are a graphic designer and you charge per project record the total amount you invoice for that day.

Visual cues are so powerful in motivating people. Looking up from your desk and catching sight of a sales tracker with nothing on it should get you moving pretty quickly. Click here to see how to use a sales tracker.

Here is the link to the planner I use.  This one does not have a blank area to write your sales goal so you might want to pick yourself up a big fat white pen too!

This one is an A4 version for small spaces!  I prefer the HUGE one, it is harder to ignore.



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