How to Stop Acting like an Employee in Your Business

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Time to stop paying yourself crumbs? You're going to love today's episode!

Do you still feel like an employee in your business?

Are you paying yourself like a BOSS?

Are you paying yourself AT ALL ?

Are you just paying yourself the crumbs?

In this episode I  talk  about how you can serve yourself the biggest, tastiest, most scrumptious, chunk of cake first instead of being left with the crumbs!

You will find out if your business passes the HIT BY A BUS TEST !

Scary huh ? Never fear …Melanie is here.

So let's start Planning  for PROFIT …not a wage.

Change up your mindset and planning to elevate you from employee to CEO of your business.

Start being proactive …not reactive

Balance your business to maximise PROFIT and minimise overheads.

What does a CEO role actually  look like for you?

Below is my map of how you can work out what that will look like for you so you can move out of the employee role and into the CEO position.

Listen in and get ready to give yourself a promotion and a raise!

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