How to Shift the Energy in Your Business – Ep #4

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How to Shift the Energy in Your Business

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Got some stinkin' stagnant energy in your business?

Are you feeling a bit blah, like you need to sage the place? Like you're stuck, the wheels are all gunked up, and it feels like you're paddling through a pond of mud? 

You might need an energy shift.

A little somethin' somethin' to lift the vibe, clear the thick air and push you back into the free-flowing river of profit happiness.

Everyone's business gets a little nasty at times. This is especially true if you have hit a growth plateau and no matter what, you can't seem to cannonball yourself to the next level.

Lack of profit is a real stinker too, and it will add a pong to your business that smells like desperation mixed with overwhelm. Not good for your bank balance or your mindset.

And to add to the mix of foul odours sucking the fresh feeling out of your business is a gang of misfits whose advice, words of wisdom and jealousy could be the silent but deadly mojo stealers you haven't noticed.

Oh, and I have more… 

Lack of boundaries, negative self-talk, no vision, big hairy audacious (and motivation crushing goals), no time, overwhelm! The list goes on…

Want an energy shift? 

Need a hit of good juju?

Want some positive mojo in your business? 

shift the bad energy

Then jump to it and listen to today's episode. 

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