Get Paid Podcast with Claire Pelletreau

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Melanie joins Claire Pells on the Get Paid Podcast with Sexy Dollar Dashboards.

Melanie Miller teaches women how to create Profitable, Liveable, Loveable businesses (without fear or guilt). Over the past 9 years, Melanie has helped over 6000 people build more sustainable businesses through the Profit Lovers community.

Now she’s back on the Get Paid Podcast to talk about how her business has changed, the numbers that every business needs to keep an eye on, making a profit on a tiny list, and how sexy she finds Doctor Phil.

On this episode of the Get Paid Podcast

  • Running a business when you’ve got insomnia [5:07]
  • Sexy, sexy Doctor Phil [8:56]
  • Why knowing your numbers is so important [19:58]
  • What numbers you need to be tracking [26:13]
  • Why an evergreen funnel might not solve all your problems [30:54]
  • The sexiest dashboard you’ve ever seen [37:12]
  • Why cashflow matters when your personal life is going crazy [41:29]
  • Are all these women on the internet talking about tap dancing?  [1:01:22]
  • Payoffs come with risk [1:08:14]
  • Making a profit on a tiny list [1:10:39]

Resources Mentioned on this episode of Get Paid

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