Is your business saleable? Let’s find out!

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Is your business saleable?

Want to hear a story about how one business owner almost walked away from $250k after some bad advice? 

How about the huge difference in value given to male-owned businesses in comparison to female-owned? This is an experience that will blow your mind. 

Perhaps a real-life story of a woman’s refusal to give up on getting a six-figure sale price for her business? 

Curious as to how to value a business? What your business needs to have to be worth something? *You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised!

Is your business saleable?

Today’s podcast episode is a must-listen if you have been told your business isn’t really worth anything, you have never considered your business a saleable asset or you want to prepare for the chance you might want to sell your business in the future. 

We have a guest contributor today, Jess Kidner of Beauty CEO shares the ups and downs of building a million-dollar beauty business only to be told she would never find a buyer for it. And what she did to get a big $$$ price despite the nay-sayers. 

Women often don’t see their businesses as an asset that they’re investing time and effort into not just for a weekly income, but for a big fat future payday. 

Listen to Episode 13 of the Profit Lovers Podcast, Is your business saleable?

You might be sitting on a winning lottery ticket right now and not even know it!

Worse, some buttoned-up middle-aged bean counter with an inflated ego, a knack for mansplaining and a burger sauce stain on his tie might have told you no one would ever want to buy your business. 

grumpy old man

Sick of being taken for granted as a business owner? Treated like your business is some silly little hobby or money box gig instead of what you know it is; an awesome asset you love and value? 

Oh, you’re going to love today’s episode. It’s jammed packed with stories and advice on valuing your and selling your business. 


Meet Jess Kidner

Jessica Kidner took her 1-woman small business and turned it into a multiple 6-figure business with a team of staff. This gave her the freedom to work and have a family life. She is now passionate about helping other women see their true potential and grow a business of their own.

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