An interview with Julie Murray: How tracking the numbers changed her future

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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you were to start tracking your numbers? No? Well, let me tell you; big mistake! Huge! 

On Episode 17 of The Profit Lovers Podcast, Julie Murray from Sounds Like This Music Education is joining Melanie. They chatted about how when Julie decided to start tracking her numbers, she decided to change her future too, just by doing that. 

Episode 17 with Julie Murray

Melanie and Julie cover topics like;

  • The dangers of being a creative person with a scarcity mindset
  • Running three businesses under one roof as a husband and wife with two kiddies
  • Planning for your future without financial predictability 
  • How "tracking the numbers" helped purchase their first family home
  • Scheduling business meetings with your partner (when they're NOT a planner!)
  • Surviving the COVID lockdowns (in the world's most locked-down city)
  • Building a revenue stream on Patreon 
  • Mapping out cash flow to avoid Christmas money panic (and having to clean toilets to survive) 
  • Shifting from paycheck to paycheck mindset to habit-forming profitability 
  • Taking a business break to heal from a critical back surgery 
  • Creating a 16-week financial safety net 
  • Building a business that puts your family first 

There is no shortage of valuable tips and topics in this episode. 

About Julie Murray:

Julie Murray is a highly experienced-brain obsessed music teacher and founder of Sounds Like This. She believes music making is for all people (not JUST the talented few) and can make lives richer, brains kinder and hearts fuller. Scientific research shows that music education and active music-making benefits a child’s developing brain enormously as does intergenerational connection, Sounds Like This connects these dots. Julie Murray specialises in early developmental music making, as this is when the human brain grows the most, is the most malleable and daily experiences are most impactful. She adores working with children, they are such creative and explorative wonders! 

Sounds Like This is on a mission to empower teachers and parents with the skills to bring music back into everyday learning. You ARE capable and never too old to start!

Julie began formal music lessons on the flute at age eight, after her parents could no longer ignore my relentless recorder playing. Little did they know that they would soon be moving the couch to make way for her piano. Julie was awarded her Bachelor of Music from the Melba Conservatorium, and was the John Tallis Bursary Scholar. She's had the privilege of performing on the world’s stage as a flutist and the joy of large and small ensemble and solo work within Australia. She began offering private music tuition in 2003 and has since studied Kodály (pronounced Co-Die) based music programs and philosophy specifically for young children and early learning.

To deliver Kodály and neurologically informed early learning experiences Julie has been accredited as a First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege teacher through the acclaimed Feierabend Association for Music Education, and had the inspiring experience of learning from Dr John Feierabend himself.

Personally, she loves mini outdoor adventures, making home movies, savouring strong coffee, ocean swimming, spontaneous music making, dancing in the kitchen, growing food on her suburban block and watching her own two children grow.


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