Life’s too short – get a divorce! How a marketing flyer ended up on Sunrise!



If you watched Sunrise yesterday morning you would have seen my client Marie from Fedorov Family Lawyers being interviewed about her “controversial” flyer.

Marie and I are quite surprised by all the talk surrounding a flyer that we thought was a bit quirky, a bit tongue-in-cheek but never offensive.  We would not have put it out there if we thought people would be upset by the content.

But… we did put it out there, and people were offended so now what?  Do we run and hide? Do we apologise?

Marketing is tricky.  Everyday as consumers we are bombarded with marketing messages to the point where we become numb.  We switch off to most of the ‘noise’, unless it speaks to us directly at the exact moment we need it to.

In marketing we need to be brave sometimes to be noticed.  When I put my first book (yes, there is a second one in the works) out there I had mixed feelings about the title “You’re Screwed”.  Some of the feedback was not so nice.  I am a people pleaser so this caused a bit of upset until I reminded myself of my initial goal – to write for women who needed to know we all make mistakes, for women who shouldn’t feel bad for charging what they are worth, or not having the guts to ask clients to sign contracts.  My title then felt a lot less offensive and my target market have nothing but good things to say about my book.

Have a think about your marketing today.  Does it speak to your target market directly?  Would you be prepared for a bit of controversy if it meant you attracted the attention of the media?

p.s A big shout-out to Kelly and Lindsay at Gold Coast Graphic Design who put the flyer together.  They are fellow lovers of quirky (not offensive!) marketing!