Forget what those b*tches say!

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Do you just love yourself sick? I am going to tell you why you should!


Growing up us little ladies could insult each other by saying “oh she is so in love with herself.Often it was a jealousy driven jibe by little girls learning the beginnings of being big old bitches.We were lead to believe that loving ourselves was indulgent and conceited; as a result I am surrounded by amazing, wonderful women who are afraid to love themselves especially when it comes to business.

So what will happen if you don’t love yourself first?

If you don’t love yourself first, you will say yes when you really want to say no! Your need for others to love you will overcome your ability to use the ‘n’ word.


If you don’t love yourself first, you will undervalue who you are and what you are worth as a woman in business.  That will result in you devalueing your product or service – if you don’t value it, no one else will!


If you don’t love yourself first you will sacrifice the growth and success of your business to ensure everyone around gets what they need first.  That might mean skipping your lunch breaks to rush out orders for needy customers, it might mean working harder to cover your staff being lazy or taking excessive time off.


If you don’t love yourself you will never put yourself “out there”. You will never write that book, record that video, join that networking group, get up and speak in public. You will miss out on a lot of really cool experiences.


Love yourself first and watch what happens. Nothing bad comes from loving yourself despite what your inner 10 year old thinks!


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