Manifesting Not Working?

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First up let me just say that I, Melanie Miller, am I manifester. I love it. Sometimes I get super lazy, sometimes I forget, sometimes I don’t truly believe, sometimes I get exactly what I asked for but don’t actually recognise it. I am just like many other women in business who love the practice of focusing on outcomes to convince our subconscious that we already have what we desire.

Here is where I differ from many women in business. Manifesting is the cherry on top of a lot of hard work and planning. It isn’t the full sundae. Manifesting is the final piece of the puzzle, not the whole dang picture.


If you’re relying on manifesting alone to make your business desires a reality I can almost guarantee that you will be bitterly disappointed. Not only will you not achieve your full potential you might just find you manifest the wrong thing. Let me give you an example;

Jayne Doe (not her real name) called me for business advice. She told me she was focusing on generating ten new clients, each day she wrote down her intention of attracting the new clients and spent 10 minutes meditating and visualising. I asked some questions about her marketing (non existent), and if she had ever figured out if her pricing was actually 1) profitable and 2) going to help her reach her goals.

Uh oh…. here comes a disaster

Jayne had done neither. When we spoke more we uncovered that she was grossly underpriced. If she filled every available spot with customers and charged the rate she had intended to she would cover her expenses but not be able to pay herself. Big problem! Thank the good universe for not delivering on her requests, she would have found herself overworked, stressed and still unable to pay herself.

When we spoke about how working with me would mean creating a strategy and a plan of action, then focusing on 80% doing and 20% manifesting she was pretty quick to tell me to get lost. She didn’t want to work with someone who didn’t understand how the universe works. Nope, she was leaving it ALL to the universe. The universe would deliver. That was 5 years ago. The universe did not deliver.

I was of course frustrated, but it was her choice to make. I actually felt quite sad leaving that meeting as she was amazing at what she offered; passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring.

So now let’s talk about YOU!

How are you using manifesting in your business? Are you relying too heavily on the powers of the universe? Have you given your control over to a greater power that may or may not deliver? Do you even know if you’re manifesting the right thing?

I suggest we all get in touch with our inner mind altering guru and learn the power of manifesting, it is amazing. However, if you have no plan in place, you don’t fully understand how your business works and are yet to nail the whole “how do I make money from this?” question then business first, manifesting second.



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