Multi-tasking, the killer of productivity

Wondering why you are always so busy but you never get anything done?  Do you have many tasks or projects started but not completed?  The answer is simple; multi-tasking!  It is in my opinion the number one killer of productivity.  If you want to multi-task at home go for it. If you are at work then stop!  What you are really doing is juggling, and most likely dropping balls everywhere.

The biggest offending activity is email, I bang on about leaving those damn emails alone!  They won’t spontaneously combust if you don’t attend to them immediately.  If you do go fishing around in your inbox then make a decision as to what you are going to do with each email right then and there.  Reading and responding to emails is a “task” that should be in your day planner, not a constant distraction for you.  If you can immediately deal with the email then flag it and diarise the activity required.  If you don’t need it, delete it!  What is with this strange obsession of keeping old emails because you “might read them later”.  You won’t read them later, they will just clog up your inbox and your headspace.

The second offender is the talky talky device – yes, your phone.  They are of course essential to business and I am not suggesting that you ditch it completely, but do you need to answer it all the time?  Do you have staff that could be taking messages while you complete a task?   What if it is just lonely old you in your business?  Then you definitely have to answer it all of the time don’t you? Wrong!  You can let it go to message bank for an hour or two.

The alternative is to continue what you are doing and remain in the cycle of never getting anything done!  Which would you prefer?

Enjoy your day,