“Must Do” Friday Tasks!

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Did you know that they way you end your work week can affect your entire weekend and taint your chance of success the following week?

If you didn't you do now!

One of my favourite things to do are my Friday afternoon tasks that mark the end of the work week, the start of cocktail hour and the slow unwide into the weekend. If you have a business the requires you to work on weekends it important that you still run through these tasks.

Tieing up the week and leaving a clean space for Monday is a way to put an end to a bad week (we all have those, even me). If your energy is low and the mood is heavy the last thing you want to do is drag it into the next week.

Leaving chaos and mess behind is going to instill a feeling of "I am freaking Wonder Woman" when you return to work. On a good week you can reflect on how awesome you are and finish your week knowing you have set yourself up for a productive and successful Monday.


  1. Check all sales have been entered in daily tracker and calculate total sales for the week
  2. Compare running total of months sales to sales goal
  3. Check all completed actions in Plan and Track have been marked off and congratulate your fine self on progress made so far this year (champagne toast is optional)
  4. Take a look-see over what is scheduled the following week and pick the actions that you will focus on
  5. File away any leftover paper that hasn't been dealt with. I have a mostly paperless office but stuff still ends up hanging around
  6. Scrap all old to do lists and start a new one for Monday (Don't wait until Monday morning to do this, dump all mental notes before the weekend) 


This stuff is because I can be a bit messy so you probably don't need to add these... 

  1. Pack all random crap away that has managed to make its way office floor (yoga mat and block, Tuesday's pants, handbag, paper I was trying to get "in" the bin but failed...
  2. Remove 17 odd water receptacles (bottles, plastic cup, glasses...) that have accumulated in an orgy of good intentions

I understand that eyeballing your sales tracker for the week and adding up your sales might feel a little like self inflicted torture on a Friday afternoon, but you need to do it.

I get that chucking away your prized lists can feel like throwing away your safety vest on a sinking ship, but those lists are stress inducing. Get in the habit of sticking to one list that has those small "I can do it in less than 45 minutes" type tasks. Anything bigger should be an item on your Action Plan that includes a start date and a completion date.

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