My 2016 Story

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Last night on the free 7 Step Action Plan webinar I talked about the difficulties I have dreaming big.

I wasn’t taught to dream at all as a kid. It wasn’t my parents fault, they lived their own challenges growing up and although they came from very different backgrounds they weren’t taught to dream big either.

I have devoured books on the art of big hairy audacious goal setting and tried different techniques to extract my true vision. They didn’t work…

What worked for me is writing down my story. A story where I pretend the year has passed and I am reflecting back on what has happened. For me this is the easiest way to figure out what my vision is for the year. If you can relate I hope this helps you too.

I can’t remember how many women I have worked with now. It has been well over 400 and a very common theme is a fear or inability to figure out their true business dreams. I would love to know if this worksheet works the same for you as it does for me.

Once you have downloaded it and completed the sheet let me know if you were able to get a little clearer on your 2016 vision. Did anything weird show up? (mind always reveal some quirky little dream).

I have thoroughly enjoyed created these worksheets for 2016 planning and will happily do more for next year if you guys are finding them valuable (yes, I will add typeable PDF’s so you don’t have to print them).

So here is what to do next:

1) Print and complete your worksheet

2) Head over to the Free Profit Lovers Facebook Group and let me know if this worksheet floated your boat!