Big promises, bold claims; life changing glitter-covered-rainbows and dancing unicorns for all!

I am not promising any of that. 

When you work with me you get logical and strategic business advice with the sole purpose of putting into action the steps needed to move your business forward fast.

Kind of boring if you are looking for glitter and unicorns.  

Very exciting if you are looking for increased profits and a better business.

sound like you?

You have been self employed for at least one year so you have a little experience

You like your business but you want it to be better, you're just not sure how to make that happen

You need someone to dump your ideas on so they can sort them out, you feel a little unsure of direction

You want the opinion of an expert who can help you move forward, but you're not looking to be coddled and patted on the head

You want someone who gets that business isn't just about the money, you want more than just bucks in your bank account

You're looking for someone who actually knows business, someone with years and years...and years of experience working in all different types of industries

sounds like you're looking for me!

I'm Melanie Miller

Business Strategy + Coach + Profit Lover!

I work specifically with women in business who need the insight of an experienced business strategist and coach. I know women and I know business. 

I have coached over 100 small business owners in the past ten years. Prior to that I was a general manager for multi million dollar businesses that had lost direction. I know my stuff. 

Business Coaches get a bad rap, there are far too many with zero real business experience and that makes people nervous (rightly so).  That is why I never take on a client before having a 15 minute conversation about where you're at and where you want to be.

I want you to feel comfortable with me before any money exchanges hands. I want to make sure I am going to be the best person for you too. If I am not I will tell you upfront.

vital stats

more than 1 coaching hours
a huge 1 years in business
over 1 clients coached

"sales won't change your life, but profit will

who I work with

Business owners looking for one on one guidance to create a strategy that suits their business and vision.

You will need to have been in business for at least 12 months, however, it doesn't matter if you have not yet made a profit.

If your business has stalled, you want to move in a different direction or you know you have missing pieces then let's talk.

what I am

A business strategist and coach with expertise in making women's businesses work! Someone you can trust and rely on to give you advice about moving your business forward in a direction that suits you.

I take your vision (we will create one if you're not sure what that is) and where your business is today so I can fill in the blanks for you. 

who I'm NOT

During the coaching process you can expect a lot of business strategy, and that builds confidence and motivation in the women I work with. 

I am not a life coach. I can't help you work through non-business related issues and I am not a hand holder.

I will help you uncover where you might be holding yourself back and I most certainly will be encouraging you along the way.

This is about business change and growth; profit, marketing funnels, action plans and stuff like that.

What Others Say


With Melanie there is no fluffiness or woo-woo stuff. She absolutely loves profit and real numbers, no vanity metrics. 

From working with Melanie I have let go of clients who don't bring me joy or a decent profit margin, I now choose my clients carefully and charge appropriately. 

I have increased my hourly rate by 111% and have gone from 0% retirement contribution to 9.5%!

Melanie has made me want to be a better business owner. She makes me realise it's possible to have a profitable and loveable business. 

Melanie is also super compassionate and patient. I can't wait to see where the next 12 to 18 months takes me. 

Letitia Deanne

/ Letitia Deanne Marketing 


I specifically wanted to work with Melanie after seeing all the great brands she had coached. Having Melanie support me through the last few years of growth has been amazing. 

It's like I have a business partner I can turn to for advice and guidance.

Being in business alone is hard! I never would reward myself for all the great work I am doing or celebrated the wins, but now Melanie is alongside telling me what a great job I am doing.  

I have been working with Melanie for over 3 years now, I think that says everything about how much I love coaching with her!

Can't wait to hit our next major milestone together. 

Naomi Rogers

/ Bobo&Boo


I felt haphazard and out of control with no direction and no understanding of the core business.

Now I feel completely in control, with a mapped out direction. 

We worked in bite sized pieces that I could easily achieve and implement.

 I immediately felt comfortable with Melanie's energy and the way she delivers her expertise. 

Peta O'Neill 

 / Love Mae


Melanie is a straight shooter, she doesn't waste time.

I was skeptical about business coaches, but I know Melanie has been in business for many years.

I have a lot of trust in her. 

She forced us to become more accountable to our goals. 

Kelly Robinson

/ Gold Coast Graphic Design

what's it like to be coached by Melanie?

There is no better way to get a feel for the coaching process than to hear from former clients. Click play below to listen to Belinda and Lana talk about their experience.

coaching investment

1 to 1 Coaching

3 Month Strategy + Implementation Program

The 3 Month package starts with a deep dive session where we figure out where you're at right now, the priorities you need to focus on and the basic framework of getting you to your destination.   We will keep a shared action list so you always know what you need to be working on and have a detailed list of our discussions. 

We will take your vision and turn it into a full 12 month business plan with marketing focus for each month, sales goals, expense goals, a basic cash flow plan, a marketing funnel map and so much more!  I create these for you so you can focus on your vision.


Deep Dive into business goals and current position (1 to 2 hours)

60 Minute Check In to discuss progress, focus and goals for next 2 weeks


Strategy Session to discuss next part of strategy (1 hour)

60 Minute Check In to discuss progress,  focus and goals for next 2 weeks


Strategy Session to discuss next part of strategy (1hour)

60 Minute Check In to discuss progress, focus and goals 


  • Unlimited email support
  • Customised 12 Month Plan and Track
  • Customised Marketing Funnel
  • Clients may choose to continue on after the initial 3 months
Your profit lovin' investment

3 Month Coaching Package $3500 (ex GST) or 3 x $1250 (ex GST)

Charged in AUD$

GST only applicable for AU residents.

book a 15 minute chat

Let's jump on a Zoom call to see if we're the right fit!

just a few of Melanie's profit lovin' clients

Byron Bay Candles
Polished Beauty logo
Anna Dower Designer
Cindy Taylor Money Mentor
Access Paranormal
Fuzzy Ink Design Studio
Tina Bindon client The Profit Lovers Melanie Miller Business Coach

more profit lovin' clients!


I am eternally grateful...

Deborah Fairful - Blisspot - Owner

During that time I worked with Melanie I felt so very fortunate to have her as part of the extended Blisspot Team. Not only does she have in-depth sales knowledge and expertise but also a lot of practical tips in how to create a best practice business generally.

Melanie was completely dedicated and committed to increasing both my businesses sales and overall performance. Melanie was very good at holding me accountable for the tasks I needed to achieve to make the consultancy worthwhile, whilst being holding a supportive space, to work through any challenges to allow the business be the best it can be.

I know that my time with Melanie has set an outstanding foundation for my business and for that I am eternally grateful.


I’ve invested thousands in courses, programs, Melanie is by far, the BEST!

Gemma James

I was so lost, confused and frustrated that it had been another year and still no progress! I was unsure of my business direction and whether I could actually build a profitable business with my niche.

Now I’m actually building a ‘proper business’ now (as opposed to an expensive hobby with no idea of what’s going on behind the scenes) and understand the importance of planning and tracking EVERYTHING!

I’ve invested thousands in courses, programs, and business coaches over the last few years and Melanie is by far, the BEST investment I’ve made. She listened and understood what I wanted from my business and helped me to put the plans and steps in place to build it and make it profitable instead of trying to fit me into a ‘mould’ like some other people I’ve worked with.

I had no idea what I was doing before, had no idea what I was actually making each month or how my business was growing as I had nothing in place to actually track it. Now I actually look forward to tracking my numbers each week to see my growth!

Working with Melanie was the first time that I actually felt like I was building a ‘proper business’, one that wouldn’t be an overnight success but that when I follow the steps and the plan, would be profitable AND sustainable. I now have so many ideas for the future of my business but with Melanie’s guidance, support and accountability, I am able to plan and prepare first rather than suffering with ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’!

Thank you so much Melanie and I look forward to working with you again - you’re not escaping me now!


Melanie is a wealth of practical information!

Kylie Findlay - Kylie Findlay Designs - Owner

Melanie has been tremendously helpful for me to get me quickly through the roadblocks that would often stop me making process. Working with Melanie helped me structure my ideas and stopped me overthinking my decisions. She also gave me a wealth of practical information about tracking results and attracting new clients in ways that are suitable and doable for me and my business.


I am so much more confident and in control!

Michelle Nunan - Byron Bay Candles - Owner

Before engaging Melanie I was feeling positive but a little overwhelmed about decisions and directions etc.

Now I feel so much more confident and in control and the future looks bright and clear. I feel so much more prepared to take our business to the next level

Melanie was so great at reinforcing ''simple'' in terms of promo and marketing and that has really stuck with me. And having a sounding board, someone I could quickly run something by was such a welcome relief.

To anyone who was thinking of working with Melanie I would say do it now ! She is amazing ! Her knowledge and insights are incredibly valuable. I love her honesty and how she just doesn't beat around the bush at all. Working with Melanie has been one of the best business decisions we ever made, and I have loved every minute of working with her and will definitely continue to work with her as our business grows into the future.


My stress has been cut in half!

Jessica Kidner - Owner - Polished Beauty

I had been following Melanie for a few years and had joined a number of her online programs before engaging one on one coaching. Melanie ironed out issues with my cash flow, helped me better define my role within my business and mapped out an amazing automated marketing funnel. Melanie has a no-fuss approach and asked all the right questions to get me back in control Having Melanie to speak with every couple of weeks was like having a business partner that knew much more than me. I could bounce ideas off her and she was to give such great feedback and point out any limitations.

Melanie has a no-fuss approach and asked all the right questions to get me back in control of my business and staff. Having Melanie to speak with every couple of weeks was like having a business partner that knew much more than me. I could bounce ideas off her and she was to give such great feedback and point out any limitations.

I now have a deeper understanding and control of my numbers and a marketing funnel that sends customers straight to my business. Working with Melanie has cut my stress in half and given me a real action plan to work with. I am already planning my next round of coaching and can't wait to get started again.


One of the best investments I have ever made

Amelia Lee - Undercover Architect - Owner

I bought a coaching package with Melanie to do my 2018 planning. It is one of the best investments I have ever made. I got such eye-opening insight into my business and really feel great about what's ahead.