One Word Reflection Exercise

in 2016 (3)

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards”

Welcome to the Profit Lover’s plan-a-thon (wow… that sounds super boring…I promise it won’t be).

We are kicking off with a quirky little exercise to remove the past and welcome the future. Today’s exercise is called “One Word” and it should only take you five minutes.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Download the worksheet
2) Complete the worksheet by entering just one word that sums up how you have felt about that particular aspect of your business in 2015
3) Keep the worksheet – we are going to ceremoniously burn it (or shred it if you can’t be trusted with flammables like me) next week.

Now is the time to reflect and acknowledge what 2015 has been. For some the words will be positive and worth celebrating, for others the words may be a little less flattering. It doesn’t actually matter so much what the words are. What matters is that you reflect, congratulate or commiserate and move on!

When you have completed the task I would love to know what your one word that sums up your entire year is. Jump into the Facebook Group and share away.



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