Are Online Courses Dead?

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If you’re not already making a zillion dollars from an online course it may feel as though you have missed the boat. I still feel like that (for a second or two) every time I see a course similar to ones I intend to create. I have a heap of new content planned but a girl has to sleep, eat, pat the pooch (NOT a euphemism – a real dog called Ziggy) and stuff.

Sometimes when I see other people’s success I feel like I am running down the dock as the cruise ship sails away. All those ‘successful’ ladies are waving from the lido deck with champagne in hand. I am a sweaty mess screaming “wait, come back” like an unhinged desperado.

Have you missed the boat?

No. You have not missed the boat. I haven’t missed the boat. The boat has plenty of room for all of us and bubbles are free flowing. The online world is changing and you if believe the latest stats online education is now a $100 billion dollar industry. There is plenty of cows left to milk…

But EVERYONE has an e-course these days

Actually, everyone doesn’t have an e-course. Look around at the people you know in real life, outside of your business. Does your neighbour have an online course? your friends? your kid’s friends parents? Probably not. There is a good chance they know nothing about online courses.

Our view of how many courses there are in the online world is often skewed as we mix in groups populated by people doing the same thing.

It can feel a little.. crowded…

If you join a lot of mumpreneurs groups (I will forever despise that word until people start using dadpreneur too) many will be talking about online courses. That is where online course peeps hang.

If you attend women in business type events you will also be surrounded by ladies doing their thing online. If they have bricks and mortar businesses there is a good chance they will not be able to attend those same events. The flexibility of the online world means we can attend events easily, so that means lots of us in one place!

Facebook is to blame (kind of)

Facebook ad targeting allows me to shove my online course ads into your newsfeed based on the fact that you follow Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein and a slew of other online gurus.

I do it and so does every other online course creator with a female online business demographic. That means your newsfeed is full to the brim with course offers. You can’t be blamed for thinking that there are a million courses already and yours will get lost in the mix.

The fact is you’re being very carefully targeted.

The BMW X3 phenomenon

A few years ago I decided I wanted a BMW X3. I don’t make big decisions quickly so it took a few months to commit. During those few months, I would drive the streets pointing out every X3 I saw. I swear I had never noticed them before. As soon as I was ‘tuned in’ to wanting one they were everywhere! I would spot ten on the five-minute drive to the supermarket.

I was BMW X3 hyper sensitised. You might be online course hyer-sensitzed. You notice them now because you so badly want one that is successful.

So instead of lusting after something someone else has… go make it happen! There is $100 billion dollars floating around just waiting for you to claim your share!

Oh… and I want to be on the boat with you drinking champagne.

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