Being Passive in Business – Ep #3

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Profit lovers, let's talk about being passive in your business. 

This is essentially letting your business run you; your customers, your clients, your contractors, they’re all in charge and you’re just the warm body that shows up to do all the things for everyone else. 

Passivity in business puts you in the passenger seat, your business starts to drag you along. Instead of being the captain, you’re the crew… of a directionless ship. You’re the employee in your business, and if your profits aren’t so hot you’re probably a really badly paid employee. Doesn’t that just add an extra sting! 

There are so many ways you can be the poorly paid lackey instead of the CEO of your deliciously profitable business. That is today’s podcast topic and one that even I can relate to. 

Today’s episode is for you if:

  • You’re not actively setting and chasing your goals, instead your business is like a driverless car (sitting motionless or erratically zooming around causing chaos).
  • You have goals with no real plans or actions attached to them.
  • Your money management is lack-luster at best and you often find yourself doing desperate things to bring in some cash.
  • You’re a self development junkie spending big on courses and coaches but never paying yourself a wage. 
  • You’re constantly discounting to make some sales out of fear or lack of money.
  • Your business is more like a stressful, time sucking hobby than a money making venture. 
  • You react to your inbox and put out fires all day, while the big projects that will grow your business sit untouched. 
  • You’re doing everyone at once but nothing that feels that impactful or important to improve sales and profit. 
  • You’re scared to invest money into your business in case it never pays off. 

In your business right now are you driving, making the decisions, in control of your future or is your business the boss of you?  Take a leisurely listen to today’s episode so you can put yourself back in control of your business, your money and your future! Sounds good, right? 

being passive in business
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