People aren’t thinking about you!

If you are making decisions in your business based on what other people might think about you I am going to tell you something that probably sounds harsh, but you need to hear it.

People are thinking about you a whole lot less than you think they are.

99.99999% of people could not get a shit what you are doing. The small percentage that have decided to care either are your loyal supporters who love you for who you are and what you offer or they are haters that are just miserable with the world. You cannot let people who will never buy from you, this includes sabotaging friends and family, dictate what you do or don’t do in your business. When deciding on what you do in your business, whether it be increasing prices, removing products or services, launching a product the same or similar to a competitor, putting your true authentic voice into the world via marketing or anything else you only need to worry about three things:

1. Will this increase my profits?

2. Will I gain a benefit? (like more time, less stress, more fulfillment)

3. Does it fit into my overall business goals?

See how everything I listed is about you! Putting your profit and your happiness to the side to avoid a potential conflict is only robbing you of money and happiness. Do you want to give up all the good that could come in the weeks, month and years ahead to avoid one moment of conflict that may never happen? Don’t give anyone that control over you or your business. Trust me, the hater will come and when they do you will feel a sting for a moment or two then you move on.