Welcome to Day 2 of the Get Organised Challenge!

Today you will be spending five to ten minutes creating a Perfect Week Schedule. I love, love, love my schedule and I think you will too! We will be using all of the items from your to do list that you marked as a “1” from yesterday. These are the tasks that have to be done on a regular basis (daily or weekly). I will add the list below for your reference.

This schedule is perfect if:

You’re easily distracted (like me!):

If you find yourself mentally or physically wandering off from your daily business tasks you can keep your Perfect Week somewhere visible as a constant reminder of what you “should be doing”. I have a client that printed hers on A3 paper and had in laminated so she could use it as her desk mat!

You have a LOT going on and find yourself feeling overwhelmed often:

You have an anchor point to help you stay on task and to see what needs to be done in a day instead of trying to wade through pages and pages of tasks on a to do list. There is nothing more overwhelming that lists and lists of stuff that feels like it’s never going to end

You do the fun stuff first, then run out of time for the not so fun stuff:

As a kid I always ate the nice stuff on the plate before the veggies. I was worried if I ate the veggies first I wouldn’t be able to fit the nice stuff in. Business is kind of the same. We do the fun stuff first, meaning the not so fun doesn’t quite fit in. The not so fun stuff is usually the stuff that makes money.

The Perfect Week ensures there is time for everything. Bookkeeping is a great example of a not so fun task that women struggle to find the time to tackle. Entering receipts into a spreadsheet or program is boring (and often scary) for most women. You might find yourself avoiding it for months and months until you have a massive box of receipts and a deep guilt that you let it get like this. Organising those receipts is often a tasks that sits on a to do list for months, making you feel like a failure. Instead of letting any one task get out of hand the Perfect Week Schedule allows a little time each week to work on the stuff you don’t love so it doesn’t become a massive job.

You are stuck in a self loathing cycle of never “finding” the time for everything that has to be done in a week:

There are a lot of opportunities for self loathing and hate in business. I like to help my Profit Lovers remove as many as possible. If you beat yourself up for not being able to manage everything in a week then the Perfect Week will help you see the reality of your week and hopefully stop you from over committing.

Your Challenge:
1) Open your Plan and Track
2) Click the tab (along the bottom of the spreadsheet) called “Time”
3) Schedule in the regular tasks you need to get done each week, I have added the list from yesterday’s email below to get you started
4) Take a screenshot and post in the Facebook Group

The list:

Email checking
Bookkeeping/Records Updating/Cash Flow
Writing weekly blog post/newsletters
Following up potential leads/quotes
Updating website (stock levels)
Scheduling Social Media posts
Updating sales progress
Marketing review and tracking (Google adwords, Facebook ads etc)
Marketing follow ups such as thank you and referral cards

Tomorrow – Money

Tomorrow we will be talking about some super simple money tracking. I will share how to use the money tracker in the Plan and Track but also a special little bonus tip is coming your way to simplify how you manage your dollars.

If I had to guess I would say more than 90% of my Profit Lovers don’t know where they are at financially in their business. It is a big GREY area. Grey area’s cause stress, anxiety and procrastination which leads to…. disorganisation!

Looking forward to chatting with you about your Perfect Week Schedule in the Facebook Group.

Have a fantastic day!