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Craving accountability and motivation? Use the private group each week to share your goals for accountability, celebrate your wins and get help in the live Q and A

  • Monday Accountability
  • Friday Wins Celebration
  • Live Q and A



Expand your knowledge  with a monthly workshop, join in the monthly challenge to put your knowledge into action and get in the draw for monthly prize packs

  • Profit Deep Dive Workshop
  • Monthly Challenge
  • Prize Packs



Review your progress in the 90 day review, enjoy Profit Planning live workshops and guest expert hot seats to nail your annual plans and reach your goals faster

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12 Profit Loving Kits packed full of step by step instructions to pull all the pieces of the business puzzle together to create an awesome business!

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  • Templates and Worksheets

Members Club IS NOT an

Online Course

It's everything  you need to create PROFIT from your business

Your Personal Plan + Your Business Plan + Your Pricing Plan + Your Sales Plan + Your Cash Flow Plan + Your Marketing Plan


Accountability + Community + Support

Melanie Miller The Profit Lovers Business Help for Women One on One Coaching Business Strategy

Melanie Miller

The Profit Lovers Member Club Creator


A deep dive into one area of your business each month with a video, worksheets and a challenge!


Access at Anytime + Profit Focused+ Step by Step Video + Customisable Templates + Workbooks

Brain dump your big business dreams and vision into an actionable plan that actually feels achievable. Focus on taking small steps towards a vision that lights you up!

Strategy to Highlight Strengths and Defeat Struggles

Unleash your hidden strengths and acknowledge and address the struggles hindering your growth

Super Clear and Achievable Vision

Pull out your wildest business dreams and get them on to paper with zero fear of judgement or self consciousness with the Crazy Big Vision

Customised Uplevel Plan for Your Goals

Your very own "Uplevel" plan to draw a path from where you are today to your Big Vision so the journey doesn't feel too big or overwhelming

Design Your Vision +​​​​ Plan


+ Identify Strengths & Struggles 

+ Design Your Crazy Big Vision 

+ Plan Out Your Uplevel Strategy

Dig deep and uncover your true motivation to ignite motivation and excitement without self sabotage + limiting behaviours holding you back

An Detailed View of your Why

A deeper understanding of your key motivators that form the basis of your drive to make this business work for you, not against you

Your Own Daily Habits for Success

A daily 5 minute rituelle that supports you to be the most effective, confident and motivated version of yourself!

Action Plan to Kill Your Self Sabotage

An actionable strategy to work through your self-sabotage so it won't continue to weigh you and your confidence down

Create a Plan for Success


+ Find Your Why

+ Uncover Self Sabotage 

+ Track Daily Success Habits

Bring a sense of control and organisation to your business, reduce the pressure of feeling unorganised and overwhelmed by your business "stuff". Create easy systems to manage everyday tasks.

Set up Your Online Storage Business Hub

Plan out and set up your own online hub for storing everything from receipts and invoices to your website backups

A Master Tools List 

Your business master tools list puts everything you use in one easy to access place allowing you to reduce expenses and create an emergency access plan

A Clean and Clutter Free Online and Offline Workspace

Clear your workspace with a quick De-Clutter your business challenge. Remove the physical stuff to create mental space for planning and action. 

Set Up Your Personal Plan + Track 

Create your running business plan that moves and evolves with your business and guides you on a daily basis towards your business vision and goals.

Systemise Your Business


+Declutter Checklist  

+ Master Tools List

+ Receipts & Invoice Process

Develop the right mix of productivity habits, tools and hacks to use each and every hour you invest in your business to get results. Stop feeling frustrated by time limitations.

Customised Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate how much your business is paying you right now, then set your hourly goal to improve your focus

Plan and Design Your Perfect Week Schedule

Design your Perfect Week using the template to maximise your effectiveness each week

A Deep Understanding of Your Time Leaks

Get complete transparency around where you actually spend your time using this clever time tracking daily challenge (this is a productivity GAME CHANGER)

Your Kick Ass Approach to Getting Stuff DONE

Breakdown your big business goals and plans into task buckets ensuring you find the time to work both "on" and "in" your business

Your Suite of Productivity Tools

Create your own suite of productivity tools and hacks that best suit you and the way you like to work in and on your business

Increase Your Productivity


+ Hourly Rate Calculator

+ Time Tracker Calculator

+ Perfect Week Planner

+ Productivity Tracker

Guess who deserves to make money from their business without fear or guilt? 

You do!

So let's create clarity around your money goals, crush those limiting money beliefs and get you in a financial 'happy' place.

Money + Love

Everyone should love money right? Our entire lives we have been a blank canvas to the money love/hate influences of family, friends, partners... 

Time to check out that canvas, paint over any old money crap and start moving forward!

Plan Your Personal Money Goals

So you have been winging it up until this point? You're about to face your personal money goals head on... like a pro! Create your own personal plan! 

Business Profit Plan (Get your profit, girl!)

A profit plan provides the numbers that will help you reach your personal financial goals, cover your business costs, pay your taxes and PAY YOU! 

Super Easy Sales Goals

By now we will know what you want and what you need from your business. Now we need to nail down solid monthly sales goals to you cash flow happy asap!  


Manage Your Money with Ease


+ Money + Love Workbook

+ Personal Money Plan Tracker

+ Assets Vs Debts Tracker

+ Business Profit Plan Template

+ Sales Goal Template 

Simplify and control your business finances without all of the complicated and often confusing accountant speak. Understand your numbers so you can take financial control of your business.

Not-So-Confusing Business Terms

A deeper understanding of what those business finance words and terms actually mean with a focus just on the stuff you really need to know

Easy (Peezy) Profit & Loss 

You're going to see exactly how to digest all that great info in your Profit and Loss report so you can explode your earnings. Don't have a Profit and Loss report? Don't stress! We can fix that too!

Money Margins

Unlock your money mojo by seeing how margins can help you predict the future of your business so you can take nice long holidays and work a whole lot less!

Your Cashflow Crystal Ball

You're about to go super-pro with your money management. Create your own customised cash flow with step by step instructions. You're going to have your own road map to financial freedom! You're going to be the Beyonce of business... 

Plan Your Own Cash Flow 


+ Example Profit and Loss Reports

+ Cash Flow Template 

+ Margin Calculator

+ Margin Estimator

Split your pricing into the four vital components ensuring you're not just covering your costs but making enough money to grow, expand and pay yourself each and every week

Expert Ninja Level Pricing Insight + Understanding

A clear picture of how to get started with your pricing approach and what pitfalls to avoid

A Consistent Pricing Strategy for Your Business

Your very own consistent pricing approach that is customiseable to your business and can be applied again and again and again

A Breakdown of the 4 Parts of Your Product/Service Pricing

A detailed individualised break down of each vital component of the price of  your products and/or services

Customised Pricing Template to Use in Your Business

Customised pricing calculator for your business with auto calculated sell price + mark ups for retailers/wholesalers + coaches/consultants/designers/freelancers

A Deeper Insight into the Cost of Discounting

Never discount again once you have a deeper insight into the true cost to your business, your brand, your target market, your self worth and your income

Create​​​​ Your Pricing Strategy


+ Competitor Analysis Workbook 

+ Money In and Out Tracker

+ Pricing Templates Wholesalers

+ Pricing Templates Retailers

+ Pricing Templates Product Makers

+ Pricing Templates Consultants + Coaches + Freelancers

Write your ideal customer profile to bridge the gap between what they need and what you offer then use this information to craft your perfect offer.

Your Tribe/Ideal Customer Biography

An in-depth insight into exactly who you want to attract to your business including what solution they desperately need from you

A Perfectly Aligned Product/Service Solution

Your product/service solution offering and description perfectly aligned to your ideal customer

Step by Step Marketing Funnel

A basic step by step marketing funnel to guide your ideal customer into a repeat raving fan that comes back again and again

Your Ideal Customer + Offer


+ Find Your Tribe

+ Define Your Solution

+ Map Your Marketing Funnel

Use your unique business look and feel to stand out amongst the crowd and attract your ideal customer.

Your unique Brand Personality Guide

Create a Brand Personality for your business that reflects who you want to attract and the vibe you want to create through your branding

Create Branded Shareable Images

Design templated and unique branded images to share across social media, marketing and your website and eNews

Access Over 20 Free Design Tools

Get creative with a curated list of the best free design tools available

Design Your Brand Guide


+ Create Your Brand Personality

+ Check Your Brand Consistency

Write your ideal customer profile to bridge the gap between what they need and what you offer then use this information to craft your perfect offer.

Get Started with the Basics of Sales Funnels

Take a walk through the sales funnel process to better understand how to implement in your own business

Start by Pulling Together Your Attraction Phase

Plan and organise all the different ways you can attract potential customers to your business. No more relying on social media for sales!

Next Create Your Engage Offer

Capture every visitor to your business by designing an engaging offer they can't refuse and automate your welcome 

Create Awesome Content to Educate

Plan and create awesome content to keep both potential and existing customers excited about you and your products and services

Increase Your Sales on Autopilot

Finally create your convert phase to give your customers exactly what they want when they want while increasing your sales too!

Design Your Own Funnel Map

Now you're inspired and excited you're going to want to map out your Funnel and create goals for each of the steps above so you can reach your sales goals super fast

Build Your Automated Marketing + Sales System


+ Attract New Customers

+ Engage Customers 

+ Educate Customers

+ Convert Customers

+ Funnel Map Plan

Write your ideal customer profile to bridge the gap between what they need and what you offer then use this information to craft your perfect offer.

Choosing the Right Email Marketing Tools

Confused by the endless list of option? I am going to walk you through the most popular so you can choose the right option for your business

How to Set Up Your Opt In Box and Email List

Get your first opt in set up in just minutes, start collecting those valuable email address straight away

How to get People on Your List

Start adding people to your list so you can warm them up for your first sales pitch email 

Create Your Welcome Series (Automation)

Give every single person who signs up to your email list a warm hug on entry, by sending them a personalised and automated series of welcome emails 

Tracking Results

A quick look at the important numbers you need to track to improve and maximise your email marketing efforts

Set Up Your 24/7 Email Sales Automations


+ Getting Started Check list

+ Email Marketing Checklist

+ Tools

Unleash the full power of Canva (free version) to create your brand board WHILE learning how to use this awesome platform

A Consistent Brand Focus

Get started on building your impactful brand by pulling together the basics of your brand

Your Brand Colour Palette

Use the very clever and cool tools to choose a range of complimentary colours for your website, social media posts, ads, newsletters etc... 

Personalised Custom Brand Board

Use the templated example to build your very own brand board featuring your logo, chosen colour palette, fonts and language while learning to use Canva features such as image uploads, layers, elements and re-sizing

A Selection of Your Own Branded Social Media Templates

Set up a selection of templates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog and email to use again and again, saving you time and keeping your brand consistent

Beautifully Branded Presentation Slides

Create your beautifully branded presentation slides to use on webinars or to make your own Facebook and Instagram videos

Downloadable PDF's + eBooks + Worksheets

Design downloadable resources to use in your business as free opt ins or customer resources to in both digital and print format

Custom Product Mock Ups

Use the Canva free photo place holders to design your own product mockups

Design and Create Your Unique Brand Identity + Social Media Images


+ Colour Palette Template 

+ Brand Guide Template


Weekly check in's each Monday set you up for success + Friday celebrations to share your wins and end your week on a high!


Covering all topics that create a successful Profit Plan including organisation, systems, productivity, motivation, pricing, money, cash flow, sales funnels and so much more


Go deep on a topic and master new business strengths you never thought possible (like cash flow!!) 


Live Q & A each week so you can get your burning business questions answered by a pro while surrounded by a crazy bunch of other women in business



Save $467 by paying up front

  • 12 Months Unlimited Membership
  • Immediate Access to All Kits
  • Weekly Live Q and A
  • Weekly Accountability Check In's 
  • Monthly Workshops
  • 90 Day Progress Review
  • Members Only Group

Best value membership



Easy monthly payments

  • 12 Months Unlimited Membership
  • Immediate Access to All Kits
  • Weekly Live Q and A
  • Weekly Accountability Check In's
  • Monthly Workshops
  • 90 Day Progress Reviews
  • Members Only Group

Easy casual membership




Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free assets





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  • Instant access


  • You want to move your business forward in a conscious and planned way to increase your personal income + wealth
  • You're excited to move closer towards a grand vision (even if you're not sure what that is yet!)
  • You're seeking one place to access everything from business planners, how to videos', calculators, templates and resources 
  • You don't have a huge amount of time to invest but you're ready to use what you do have with focus and intention
  • You're willing to invest financially in your business because you know it is important to taking the next step up
  • You want to have access to someone who can answer your business questions with experience and authority 
  • You're craving connection from positive women who are on the same journey as you
  • You are excited to share in some fun weekly accountability and you have a deep need to find a place to share your struggles and wins
  • You're not interested in business growth via action, you're hoping to manifest a miracle
  • You prefer to spend lots of money on all different courses hoping they will some how fit together
  • You're not prepared to spend anytime working on your business at all
  • You don't believe investing financially in high quality content and support is helpful
  • You would prefer to let inexperience and unqualified people in Facebook groups to direct your business
  • You are not interested in connecting with others, sharing or supporting anyone else
  • You don't care if you ever make money from your business or increase your wealth 
  • Working towards a vision sounds like hard work and just isn't of interest to you 

 Prue Dwyer 

 Fuzzy Ink Design Studio

Members Club has been my not so secret weapon

I love the 'learn at your own pace' approach, being able to redo kits to get yourself back on track and the support of the group. I've learned so much being able to have a sneak peek into other people's businesses. It inspires and motivates me to continue to push forward with my own business.

Member's Club has been my not-so-secret weapon to get my business back on track. It's one of the best investments that you can make for your business – and yourself. Melanie provides easy-to-implement business advice which makes sense and your business will reap the rewards. With the support of the group and the easy-to-follow kits,


 Amelia Lee

Undercover Architect

"I love Melanie's FB lives each week and the community of women in business is great"

Melanie is a sane voice of reason that keeps you super grounded in the business world. Love her honesty, and experienced advice, and the way she keeps members accountable overall.

I always feel that my business can be more, bigger, and growing. Members Club has been great for getting some pearls of wisdom and calmness in amongst the rabble out there of 'bigger, faster, more, more, more".

I love Melanie's FB lives each week and the community of women in business is great. I love hearing what's worked for others and cheering everyone on.

If you want some real and supportive advice that's not the "Make 6 figures overnight" clap-trap, then Members Club is it! Nuts and bolts info about what actually needs to be measured, tracked and grown.


Jodie Clarke

The Empowered Educator

"The best decision I ever made was to sign up to Members Club"

The best decision I ever made was to sign up to Members Club. I think I would have gotten to this point on my own but it certainly would have take me a whole lot longer.

I never thought it possible that I could give up my "day job" and earn enough to work from home and be able to spend time with my 7 year old twins. 

I continue to learn so much and I just wanted to encourage others not to give on your dream. It will happen and thanks to Melanie's support I know that for a fact! 


Rebecca Little

Rebecca Little Mortgage Broker

"You're not going to find a better investment than this"

I have only dipped into to 20% of Members Club Kits and I am already blown away by the value. I needed something to help my fill the gaps in knowledge and to keep me feeling engaged in my business every week. I work alone from home and it can be so lonely and isolating. I needed a "safe space" where I felt like I could ask questions and get support. Members Club is exactly that and so much more. 

You're not going to find a better value investment that this. There is just so much connection and support. Members Club isn't about signing up for an online course and then being left to wing it on your own. It has such a lovely community vibe and knowing I can tap into expert advice on anything from managing my bookkeeping to creating a marketing funnel is priceless. 


Youna Castro

Rebecca Little Mortgage Broker

"No more flying by the seat of my pants!"

The Profit Lovers Members has given me access to an amazing group of women that inspire, encourage and support me every day. It has also given me access to some valuable resources which are helping me PLAN for success. No more flying by the seat of my pants. Melanie has me thinking in 90-day blocks...which is an entirely new experience for me!

Prior to joining Members Club, I had a 'Big Idea', but no real plan for making it happen. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed and had been feeling that way for a few years while my 'Big Idea' kept spinning around in my head. Over the years, I've chased a lot of the online 'gurus' who've sold me the secret to online the success. But in reality, a lot of them left me feeling a lot more overwhelmed than before I started (not to mention, a lot poorer).

I love Melanie's no-bullshit attitude to doing business, and her pragmatic approach to getting things done. I realised that the only way I was going to succeed was to 'just do it'. I've had to confront some of my demons - including getting a handle on how to manage my finances - which has been challenging, but at the same time, it has been empowering. You can't build a solid business on a shaky foundation, and Melanie's kits are providing me with a strong basis on which to build my dream.

The Weekly check-ins are really important for me, and the support from others in the Members Club has provided a real confidence boost. I also love the fact that Melanie is Australian...the benefits of having someone in the same time zone cannot be are massive for me. Real-time feedback is awesome!!




How do I cancel my account if I choose the monthly plan?

How long will it take to complete all the content?

Do I have to commit to live sessions or the accountability check ins?

What kind of businesses is Members Club suitable for

Melanie Miller The Profit Lovers Business Help for Women One on One Coaching Business Strategy

Hey Profit Lover!

So you're thinking about joining the Members Club? I want to share a little bit about why I created it and how I can help you better understand your business.

I have been a Business Coach now for over 8 years. Prior to that I worked in General Management, Sales Process, Marketing Strategy and Business Training, so I know my stuff. I didn't learn by taking a 6 week online coaching course, I learned by being completely entrenched in business.

Interesting (well..not really), but what does that have to do with you and your business?

I noticed a big fat hole in the market for practical advice women could use to create businesses that fit into their lifestyle. I also noticed a huge amount of spiritual, manifesting and visualisation type courses that are really inspiring to take, but only solve a small part of the problem of a lack of business success. 

Here is what I know: A whole lot about business and women. Here is what I know you want: to feel less stressed, more organised and productive, and to produce an income from your business.  After years of work with women in business I have put together a course that isn't just about strategy, it isn't just about plans, it isn't just about learning. It is about feeling like you "get it", and finally having control and a vision for the future.

All of this business advice designed specifically for women was inspired by my mum, Sharyn, who passed away in 2013 after a year long battle with Breast Cancer. She designed and handmade the most divine kids clothing. She was not confident enough to really make something out of her business, so she treated like a hobby. When she was diagnosed as being terminal she had no insurance, no private health care, no assets, no retirement fund and just a couple of thousand dollars in her bank account. It was upsetting for her to have to rely on me for all of her needs, I know it pained her greatly. She deserved more. 

I don't want to spend my life as a business coaching helping people get rich. I want to spend it inspiring women to feel good about money, I want women to have insurance, savings and a healthy retirement fund. I want YOU to take care of yourself and your family with profits from a business that fits into your lifestyle, and allows you to be the best version of you. You deserve it. 

Melanie x 

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