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Melanie Miller is a lover of the unsexy side of business. After breaking up with the corporate world of soul-sucking employers Melanie became a successful business coach.  Just a few years into her new career tragedy struck when Melanie's mum was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, sadly losing her short battle in 2013.

Melanie decided she wanted to do something more impactful than just helping people make money. Knowing she couldn't save everyone from life's terrible twists and turns, Melanie chose to what she could to financially empower women; inspiring them to create safe, secure and financially abundant futures.

This means dishing up the hard unsexy business truths and encouraging female business owners not to shy away from the hard stuff, because "Profit is NOT a dirty word"! Today Melanie has a thriving online business, a community of over 8000 female entrepreneurs building their Profitable + Liveable + Loveable businesses. 

You can listen to Melanie talk about business and life below, or click here to request a podcast interview with Melanie.


What you can expect

When you interview Melanie you can expect a cheeky, fun and passion-filled discussion about women and business. Expect total transparency and honestly delivered with a healthy dose of inspiration. Melanie has built an extremly loyal community who love listenting to podcasts about business.

Talking Points:

  • Why women struggle to create a liveable income from their businesses
  • How women can create PROFIT without fear, guilt or resistance
  • They unsexy side of business; the importance of embracing it and why women shy away
  • Turning an emotional and painful loss into the inspiration to leap into the online business world
  • The truth behind 'passive' income and Melanie's journey to moving an offline coaching business online
  • Why being an introvert can be a huge winning advantage in business
  • Beating the odds of a tough childhood to create a thriving business

Ready to take the next step?

International Podcasts welcome, Melanie will figure out the time change!

Melanie uses a Blue Yeti microphone in a dedicated office space with plugin earphones

Separate recording of Melanie's side of the call can be provided via a Garage Band MP3 or AIFF recording

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