How Growing your Business Profit can Change your Life

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So you think growing your profit is just about growing your business? Grow your profit.

Or maybe you think growing your profits would be amazing, but you’re already exhausted and overwhelmed by your business so it’s never going to happen. 

You might not have hit the profit point in your business yet, so you know you want it but you don’t know what it feels like to have profit. It’s hard to imagine not worrying about it. 

I have some serious new year energy flowing and that includes gathering you all up in my haze of profit love, diving deep into your mind and intoxicating it with possibility. Sounds a little cult-ish when I say it like that…

Can we all just agree we deserve to make money!

Profit has power, and there is no time in my history where the need to secure up our finances and future security has been more vital than now. 

2020, what a shite-show for so many people, there are businesses that didn’t make it, some that are only scraping by in the aftermath and those who did make it but are now bitterly aware of how close disaster was. It has been scary, yet also a massive lesson. 

I will no longer accept the women’s money messaging of the past. Nope. I am done.

All that “how are you serving people”, “follow your passion”, “do what you love and you will never work a day…”, “manifest your future” messaging.. I am done with it. I never want to hear it again. 

Instead of waiting for the universe to bless women with magical money, or feeling crap about yourself as a business owner because actually… you don’t even know what your passion is, let alone use it to create an income, let’s focus on being proactive about profit. 

Need some inspiration to take away years of ingrained messaging about money being bad… 

Let’s talk about the power of profit. Grow your profit.

Profit equals Choice:

You’re your own boss, but how much do you really enjoy the perks? Do you say no to customers or clients you don’t want to work with? Do you set your own working hours and stick to them? Do you take a day off when you’re just not in the mood? Do you take lovely long holidays that no boss would ever agree to? Do you enjoy more than enough profit to be happy?

If not, then remind yourself that profit equals choice. The more profit you have the more you get to choose, everything from who you work with to how long you take off for holidays. 

Profit equals Time:

You know that saying “You can’t buy time”? Yeah, you can. I do it regularly. 

I buy time by not cooking my own meals (plus I am a terrible cook), I buy time by not washing my own car or cleaning my own bathroom. I buy time by outsourcing big chunks of my business. 

I don’t do these things to buy me more time to make my business better (of course that is an added benefit). I buy time to enjoy doing more of nothing, and I love it. 

If you wish you had more time, time for family, kiddies or just for you (totally NOT selfish, mama!) then remind yourself… the more profit you make the more time you can buy. 

Profit equals Safety:

How many times in 2020 did you think about your financial safety? I thought about it hundreds of times (usually at 3 am). I have investments and savings that would allow me to live for a couple of years. I would have to significantly downsize and give up my luxuries but I could survive. It’s an awful thought though… 

How financially safe are you? What happens if you or your partner become ill, you go through an unexpected breakup or divorce, another COVID horror hits and completely wipes out your entire income? If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect and plan for the unexpected. 

Guess what provides safety? Profit. Grow your profit.

Profit equals Charity:

The very first time I posted about loving profit I got a very nasty response that cut deep.  Apparently, my motto should have been “live to give” and my profit loving message was greedy, gross and selfish. 

I had been profit shamed....

If you have ever felt like that then remind yourself that the more profit you make the more charitable you can be. No one has the right to profit-shame you, you’re entitled to your chunk of the universal piggy bank. You can then decide without guilt how and when you want to be charitable. 

Profit equals Future:

How do you see yourself in 10 years? If the answer is “I want to be exactly where I am today?”... you can skip this part. 

For most people being exactly where you are today isn’t particularly exciting. It might even be a bit gut-churning. 

You’re likely hoping, dreaming and even planning for more in your bank account, a mortgage-free life, some adventure, better health, bigger (or in my case smaller) boobs, better insurance, a nicer car or even a totally different existence. 

Guess what gets you there? Grow your profit.

Oh… you’re getting good at this now… I can hear you saying the word..


Want to be Profit Happy?

I created Profit Happy so women could avoid wasting hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on courses and coaches that fixed one bit of their business but didn’t create more profit. More coaches and courses can often mean more overwhelm and that is the opposite of what you need.

If you know what’s missing first (which is dang hard when you’re IN the business) you can focus on fixing those pieces first. You might be surprised to find just a few little gaps that are easily filled to catch that profit fast. 

Profit Happy is quick too, and let me tell you.. That was challenging for this talker! It’s only going to take you 60 Minutes. That’s it. Fast and effective!

Because, YOU deserve to be Profit Happy!

Did you hear the news? The Profit Lovers Podcast is live!

Click here to catch up on all the episodes!

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