Ready to set up your Profit Lovers One Page Plan + Track? 

The details below will step you through the process. The cells lined in GREEN are yours to complete, the other cells will autofill and auto-calculate for you. If you try to enter data in a protected cell don't worry, you will see a pop up warning letting you know!


Once you have created your own template choose your starting month and year. The Plan + Track is a perpetual planner, so you can start with any month. 

Enter your Sales Goal in the Sales Goal box. 

If you're starting part way through the year you might prefer to enter a figure for the remaining portion of the year so you can start a fresh planner in January. 

Breakdown your goals month by month by entering a percentage figure into the green boxes. The final percentage will need to equal 100%, 

If you're using the Planner for part of the year only, split your 100% sales goal over those months. 


Decide on your goals for the month, if you're new to business, have a business that is quickly growing or are new to planning don't be overwhelmed by completing all boxes in the Action Plan section. You can plan 3 months at a time. 

You can replicate the same wins, goals etc each and every month. You don't need to have completely different goals each month if that doesn't make sense to you. For example; you may have a project that runs over several months. 

BIG WIN Any goal (big or small) that you would love to reach

MARKETING GOAL  Any goal related to your marketing efforts

PROMO OR LAUNCH  The product or service you would like to promote or launch in that month

KEY SUCCESS METRIC  The most important marker of success for the month (hitting a sales goal, paying yourself, hitting a profit goal, selling out a product or service etc). 

PROJECT The projects you and your team are working on to grow your business

IMPROVE | SCALE An area of your business that you're committed to improving or scaling. 


Track your sales progress, and month goals at the end of each month so you can see yourself hitting important milestones and working towards your business goals. 

The dropdown boxes will allow you to choose if you have hit your goals or not. 


The Plan + Track Ultimate is packed full of Profit Lovin' features and upgrades to take your business planning and tracking to an entirely new level.