You know you should be tracking your sales right? I am hoping you're nodding your head right now. Many women in business ignore this important business task for fear of what the numbers will "say". Here is the deal.. the numbers are merely a reflection on the health of your marketing.

Sales figures are not...

  • A representation of your value as a woman/human/mother/friend/sister/daughter...
  • The only indicator of your ability to be successful in the future
  • A measure of how likeable you are
  • Proof of your ability to attract or repel abundance
  • A reason to be a d*** to yourself 
  • Proof of your worthiness as a woman in business

Tracking your sales figures provides you with the most accurate way to decide if you're on the right track. Not making any money? Something obviously isn't working. Making a little, but not enough? You need more eyes on your product or better conversions. Making lots but never have anything left at the end of the month? Your expenses are sucking you dry. 

When you track your sales each and everyday you will see sales trends that help you predict the future of your business. It gives you the power to make decisions based on facts!

You can't change what you won't acknowledge... (thank you Dr Phil!)

Ignore your sales figures at your peril. I am going to hit with some hard truths here so clutch your metaphorical pearls and get ready!

Your number one responsibility as a business owner is to make sales. It isn't to empower, inspire or change the world. It isn't to make the lives of others easier or better. Without a constant cashflow you can't spread your message, goodies, services.. etc.. You won't be able to service all the people you desperately want to help or work with. You won't be able to share that awesome thing that you have. 

Achieve sales first, and there is no limit to the people you can reach!  

Women have it backwards, they worry far too much about how their business helps everyone else and not nearly enough about how their business will fund the adventure or how they intend to pay themselves. 

Oh ... did I forget to mention your tax obligations? You have a legal obligation as a business owner to know your numbers! This includes tracking your sales.

Ready to start tracking your sales?

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