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Use this very clever calculator to see what a huge impact a few small changes can make to your profit.

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Improve your profits by testing out different lead and conversion values, expenses and sale value

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Test out new pricing options and better conversion rates to see the impact it will have on your profit

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Every wondered what a 5% increase in sales could do to your profit?

Thought about reducing your expenses but not sure if it's worth the trouble? 

Ready to scale up fast and want to see how much profit you will be swimming in if you make a 50% increase in sales?

No need to wonder!

This calculator will give you all the insight you need. 

The Problem

You want to increase profit, you want to see more cashola from your business ventures but what needs to change to make that happen? Is it worth investing a bit more effort in finding new customers or will reducing expenses help you hit your goals?

The Solution

Play around with some numbers in your business to see what effect it will have on your goals. You might not be as far away as you think! Small increases to sales and conversions might be all it takes for you to one happy and cashed up business owner!

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