Scared to Put Yourself “Out There” in Business?

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You don’t want to put yourself “out there” in business. I get it. I didn’t want to either. 

“Oh man… she used to be hot… “

I thought about all the people who would think I looked fat or pale or old or stupid. Old school friends, ex-boyfriends, old colleagues. All the haters that would write nasty things under my social media posts or question why I was qualified to teach them. All those F.E.A.R.S (false evidence appearing real) were completely unfounded. In fact, there have been very few asshats trying to bring me down. I didn’t personally know any of them. 

Maybe people I do know are thinking horrible things about me, but it’s not like I could ever find out. There is literally no way to know. So why sweat it? The fact is… most people are too busy worrying about their own crap (people judging them on how they raise their kids, fears around job security, why their neck all of a sudden looks saggy, how their going to afford that holiday they committed to with friends, how they’re going to survive another visit from the in-laws at Christmas).  Everyone has their stuff. 

Every now and then you will encounter a d***

So let’s be honest, maybe you will get a hater or two. Before you go hiding away and strangling your own business success we need to put it into perspective. More than 99.999% of people will glide right over your ads, posts, videos, offers etc… if it doesn’t resonate with them. We have so much info shoved in our faces that we “edit” out what we don’t need. 

Let’s take my business for example.. 

People who need to hear my advice and see me as potentially having a solution to their business quandaries and frustrations stick around. Those who I don’t resonate with or who are looking for a bigger and better expert move on. Those looking for overnight success DEFINITELY move on… 

The very few time’s someone has been a d*** I have taken their comments personally and cried a bit (umm.. a lot actually). I have called a friend and hugged Ziggy the wonder pooch a little too hard. Maybe I drank some wine too. Then I got over it.

The cost of not being “out there” can be HUGE

If I didn’t put myself out there all those years ago I can’t imagine all of the amazing benefits of my business that I would not be enjoying right now. I would probably be back as an employee working on someone else’s dream. Working to make yet another boss rich (in money and time) while I wore the burden of their cash flow, sales targets and staff dramas (I am an ex-General Manager). 


I choose to have e a vision that I work towards every day
I choose to have a completely flexible time schedule *this is the MOST valuable benefit for me
I choose to have an income not decided or capped by someone else
I can choose to work from anywhere with an internet connection 
I choose to have full control over my decisions, especially who I work with
I choose not to be answerable to anyone

You have the choice too!

You can throw yourself into your business with passion and gusto or you can hide out in the wings and “hope” things will work out for you. Only you can decide what the real cost of not taking the chance is? What might you miss out on? What might you leave behind? Is all of that time and increased income worth giving up on because someone might judge you?

There is one thing I know for sure when you fully immerse yourself in your business by committing to your vision, planning out your approach, being accountable and consistent, and working towards “something” your business will change. 

Think this means you have to Hustle your butt off?

Nope. In fact, when you start to approach your business in the right way you will work less and achieve a lot more. The shift in your business success will be something you can actually “feel” and of course the reward will be… profit… that is more money for you to create the life you want!

Having a great business to me isn’t about making massive amounts of cash overnight. It is about conscious choice, clear vision, slow progress and playing a long game. So none of this six figures overnight kind of bull****. 

Make Up-leveling your friend

: to break down or fall apart from within

I will write an entirely separate blog about why women often implode their businesses. It has everything to do with not being able to handle the growth of their business. Guess what you can do to avoid that? Up-level! Take small incremental steps towards your goal instead of wishing for that one massive leap. 

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