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Ah, a profit focused action taker!

Ah, a profit focused action taker!

Female Focused

Work with a business strategist who puts the female experience, strengths, challenges and needs at the forefront of business growth.

Strategy Driven

Implement strategies developed and refined over a decade to grow profit and reduce burden while maintaining balance and integrity.

Wealth Creating

Build sustainable revenue and maximise profitability to increase personal income, future wealth creation and long term financial security.

When you have had enough of the cookie-cutter coaches + bloated overpriced online courses it's hard to imagine real advice exists.

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The perfect match for the profit-mystified.

Knowing where to look for profit leaks, weeding out over-complication and creating new opportunities for growth and scale can feel like solving a puzzle when you're not certain you have all the pieces. 

Quick-fix solutions are everywhere you look, but often take you further away from achieving your goals by adding unnecessary layers of complexity, endless to-do tasks and non-specific actions. The result is less than impressive, and leaves you very...erm... unsatisfied. Melanie is anti-quick fix solutions which makes for an unsavoury marketing message, but a killer long term revenue growth strategy.

Clearing a path to profit is Melanie's speciality, and unlike other solutions supposedly created for female business owners, the tools and strategies applied are cleverly crafted to deliver ease and clarity while positively impacting profit. Oh, and there is no magical manifesting, just no-nonsense guidance for tangible results. 

Melanie's Vital  Stats.

Customers served! 1 HOURS

 of one-to-one client sessions

Customers served! 1 BUSINESS OWNERS

 across numerous industries

Customers served! 1 YEARS IN BUSINESS

so she has been around a while! 

Industry Experience

A talented business consultant + strategist doesn't need to specialise in your industry to deliver outstanding value and advice.

Melanie has a versatile profit focused tool kit that adapts to most industries.

As much as business owners believe their industry or business is different, or unique has a unique set of challenges the key issues remain constant. How do you extract yourself from the day to day operations, let go of managing every aspect while also increasing profit?

Melanie has her 'sweet spot' industries, but her know-how is vast! Your business can be online, or good old fashioned bricks + mortar, service or product based, as long as the outcome you're aiming for is profit growth. 

If Melanie can't help with your specific industry or business type she won't string you along - she will tell you straight up!

We want nothing but win-win partnerships at the Profit Lovers.

  • Wholesale + retail
  • Coaching + consulting
  • Travel, tourism + accomodation
  • Education + training
  • Law, accounting and other professional services
  • Graphic design, photography, web development
  • Copywriting, + ad Strategy
  • Marketing + branding strategy
  • Event management
  • Psychology + therapy services
  • Trades + construction

+ experience all over the globe!

Profit Lovin' Words.

I have cleared away the deadwood in business, I feel lighter! 

We laughed (a lot!) on calls but Melanie showed up each and every time prepared! She knew exactly what questions to ask to get the best from me. 

Copywrite Matters

I hit the jackpot working with Melanie!

I finally understand my figures, knowing my breakeven point might seem simple but it was a game-changer for me.

Lana's Garden

I was doing ok, but there was never enough to contribute to super, and I had no tax planning! 

Melanie said one day I would love looking at my numbers; of course, I didn't believe it. She was right! Best investment I have ever made. 

Jodie Clarke
The Empowered Educator

The personal stuff

Hi, I'm Melanie. Profit Lover. Rescue pet advocate. Reformed trash-TV watcher. Unashamed Diet Coke connoisseur.

Putting the pieces of a business together in a profitable way comes easily to me, unlike many other pursuits! I have zero musical ability, and my hand-eye coordination is seriously lacking.

I love to travel; in fact, I love it so much I spent much of my 20's and early 30s romping around Canada, the U.S.A., U.K., Ireland, Hong Kong and China. 

I was lucky enough to land an amazing role in the home and giftwares industry that not only threw me into the deep end of sales management, endless trade shows and product-sourcing adventures, it also took me all over the world.

While working my tail off I also enjoyed the hole-in-wall restaurants of Little Italy in New York, pints of Bulmers in Dublin, fluffy pork buns in China, the insanely fresh air of Vancouver, cobblestoned streets of Leeds... and so much more. 

Until one day my mum became sick, really sick. So I planted my feet to bring as much comfort, financial support and peace to my mum as possible during a short but intense battle with Breast Cancer. 

Yes, life moves on, but with a new focus, fresh perspective and deep desire to improve the financial position of women in business. I didn't want to see another woman spend her final months worrying about money, or another daughter left debt to deal with, when they just need to grieve.

And so, The Profit Lovers was born...