Setting your “New Financial Year Resolutions”

Unknown The new financial year has finally arrived and I am EXCITED!  It is the perfect time to rid yourself of old bad habits and set new goals for yourself.  What do you wish you had achieved last financial year?  What could you change to get you closer to your goals?  Here are just a few suggestions for you;

  • Time – did you  spend it wisely?  Did you invest time doing things that would make you money or cost you money?
  • Sales – were you scrambling for sales?  Did you really do everything possible to create the sales you needed to achieve your financial goals?
  • Price – how do you feel about your pricing?  At any point last year did you feel like you were selling a product or service that just didn’t feel like it gave you enough of a profit?
  • Marketing – was your marketing reactive or proactive?  Did you throw money at untested marketing to try to bring in sales?
  • Cash Flow – did you feel like cash flow was nothing but a noose around your neck?  What could you do this year to ease up that cash flow?

Be brave this financial year.  Start planning for the business you want, not the one you feel you are stuck with.  Write down your goals and diarise a time each month to check in with yourself.  Happy goal setting!