She did WHAT? A lesson on bad service.

I read an email from a supplier to a customer who also happened to be a client of mine the other day and let me tell you, I almost fell from my perch. I could not believe what written in that email!

My client had decided to end her relationship with the supplier as she had been approached by another company that offered a more extensive service. It came with a much bigger price, but we all know price is less important that how the service benefits the customer. When my client emailed her initial supplier to say “hey, I have loved working with you however my business needs have changed and my new supplier offers a service that will accomodate that” the supplier emailed back a snappy little retort saying “well I could have offered you that same service but you never bothered to ask and I assumed you couldn’t afford it anyway”.

So…. my client is telling me this story and showing me the email and you can imagine me looking all shocked and horrified!

The supplier should never have assumed the client could not afford a higher service without first asking. This relationship was one worth around $8K per year, it was one of the suppliers biggest contracts yet they never checked in, they never asked if the customer needed anything else.

If you have customers or clients have you checked in with them recently? Have you asked the question “Is there anything additional I can do for you?”. Of course any increases in  product or service need to come with an increase in price. If you are not doing this don’t be surprised if one of your competitors sneaks in the door and steals your customer away!

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