The Book

So what is it about?

Well it is about business, more specifically it is about women in business!



It covers the following info:

  • You; why you went into business in the first place
  • Planning for your business
  • Running your business – the day to day stuff
  • Managing your time
  • Looking after your customers
  • Selling stuff (your stuff!)
  • Facing up to the financial side of business
  • When to grow your business

Why should you buy it?

It is a great read with a bucket load of information and plenty of real life examples.  It covers off on the information no one else talks about.  They ugly mistakes most women in small business make.

But I have been in business for years!

This book is a great read regardless of if you are new or experienced in business.  It is a great reminder for those who have been around for a while and you will still learn some new things to help you and your business.

I hate boring business books!

Don’t we all.  Especially the ones written by some condescending humourless “expert” who sucks the passion straight out of business and whips you repetitively with their “must do” opinions.  That is why you need this book….

Those are all excellent points you make!  I want it now! 

Great, just click the “I want it” button and you will be cyber escorted to the purchase page.  Go nuts!