Unsexy Business. What is it and why do you need to know?

I would like to thank Facebook and Instagram for giving women a completely false idea of what running a successful business looks like. Everyday my feeds are filled with what I like to call women’s business porn.

The provocative images posted give a glimpse into an edited, airbrushed world where running a small business looks sexy, glamorous and exciting.

In today’s Profit Love Byte we are talking about Unsexy business.

What is unsexy business? It is the stuff that no one posts on Instagram or Facebook. Think about it as the dirty flannel dressing gown that you have been wearing for years. It is extremely useful to you, it serves a valuable purpose in your life but you aren’t posting photos of yourself wearing it to your Instagram account.

It is an unsexy wardrobe secret.

Running a business is the same. There are highly useful yet completely unsexy things you need to be doing to run a successful business. What you see on Instagram and Facebook is what people want you to see.

Business requires you to know and understand numbers, like your profit margins and your cash flow, it’s not sexy, no one posts photos of themselves forecasting their cash flow. Business requires you to manage your time effectively, to know and understand where to best invest it to generate income. That’s not sexy. A successful business requires you to write policy and procedure documents. Not sexy!

Guess what is sexy? 

Taking a mid day yoga class, working from a tropical location, taking a trip overseas to attend a workshop with someone you admire, decorating your workspace with gorgeous furniture and art. All of this sexiness only happens when you do the unsexy stuff first.

Next time you start lusting over those amazing sexy images online I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself or your business, I want you to feel inspired to tackle the unsexy stuff.

Do that and you will flooding the feeds of your followers with your sexy business porn in no time!