What is your weakness?


I posted a while ago on Facebook about understanding how to complete a SWOT analysis. It is a part of a business plan that is very unexy but incredibly useful. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

The first time I posted we had a little interaction, nothing special, there were just a couple of people who didn’t like the idea. The second time I posted it turned into a shit fight (I have removed the post so don’t go looking). Women were pissed that I had suggested that they should examine their weaknesses. There were comments about how I was suppose to inspire not be negative and how everyone should use a method which completely ignores weaknesses and only concentrates on the positives.

I was shocked…

If you insure your car you are covering yourself from your weakness of not being a perfect driver, who is? And from the weakness of other drivers. No one looks at car insurance and says “well the minute I take that out I will attract an accident!”.

That is crazy…

In this world where we are only allowed to think positive thoughts, and any reflection or reference to something negative will immediately manifest itself we have forgotten the simple process of self protection.

Identifying your weaknesses is not going to manifest in disaster unless you obsess about and dwell on them. Instead identifying your weaknesses will allow you to figure out a strategy and commit to a course of action to ensure they don’t affect you or your business.

One of the weaknesses in my coaching business was that I was the only product creating a revenue stream. If something happened to me revenue was gone. Then something did happen. My mumma died and I needed to take six weeks off.

My business tanked 🙁

Do not avoid looking at the weaknesses in your business. It is not a negative thing to do. It is about you figuring out what could go wrong and then focusing on creating strategies that help you avoid disasters and put you in the position of control and power. Identifying weakness leads to insight and empowerment, that is not something to be afraid of.