How to tap into the true desires of your target market with guest Emily Osmond

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Ever wondered what keeps your ideal customer up at night? Probably not, unless you’re a psychologist or sleep consultant! Ever considered who else influences the buying decision of your target market?

You might be surprised by what you can uncover and how you can use that information to create wildly effective marketing strategies, social content, branding, packed offers and so much more! 

If you’re still thinking about your target market in terms of age, marital status, educational background then I am about to rock your marketing socks off! Let’s take those old school marketing methods, add in a ton of sparkle and dazzle and put you ahead of your competition. 

Sounds great! But how do we do that?

We take a deep dive into your target market and their thoughts, feelings, fears and desires. 

Oh…. sounds interesting right?

I am already using so much of this information in my own marketing but I know I can do better! That’s why I also invited Emily Osmond (you might have heard of her from her super popular podcast; The Emily Osmond show) to give me a little advice on my business. 

So take a listen to some great ways to tap into the true desires of your target market with me first, then keep on listening to hear how Emily used breakfast cereal (yes, cereal… that isn’t a typo) to provide the ultimate in customer experience

I get my own BIG AHA moment during my chat with Emily, I am sure you find it as exciting as I did! 

This episode is jam-packed with marketing goodness and warm fuzzy feels, so take a listen then let me know over on Insta (you can PM me, I love it!) what mind fizzling new ideas you have for your business.

About Emily

Emily Osmond is an international business coach and speaker. Having experienced sexual harassment across multiple workplaces, which saw her walk away from employment, opportunities and wages, she started her own business in her mid 20s, which has since generated more than a million dollars through her strategy and mentoring work. Emily teaches other women how to build financially, and personally, rewarding businesses - with a mission of accelerating gender equality.

emily osmond

She has a Master of Communications degree, has welcomed more than 1,000 students through her flagship online program, The Modern Marketing Collective, has attracted a community of 40,000 people across her social platforms, and hosts one of Australia’s top business podcasts, The Emily Osmond Show.

 You can check her out at any of the links below

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