May 19

Where to send your worst customer!



Of course you have heard the saying “the customer is always right”, but is the customer always right?

The first use of the slogan “the customer is always right” has been credited to the king of department stores Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge, and Marshall Field the man behind what we now know as Macy’s also used his own variation; “the Lady always gets what the lady wants”.

It doesn’t really matter who said it first – the most important thing about this statement is that it was not intended to be taking literally – it was a marketing message to ensure the customer always felt special.

Well we all know the customer is not always right, in fact the customer is sometimes so wrong you want to take a red marker pen and write “I am a douche” on their foreheads but of course it is both illegal and socially unacceptable to do that,  instead we shove those feelings down and we do our best to hang on tight to that customer. It is usually a mix of not wanting someone to be unhappy with us (cue women’s need to be loved) and the fear of losing the sale and there fore the income.

Instead of shoving those feelings away, if you have a customer that you can not keep happy, someone that beats you down on price, that sucks the time out of your day and the happiness from soul then send them to your best competitor. Let them go elsewhere to spend their money because their money does not equate to profit if they are wasting time, if they are causing stress and if they are treating you and staff poorly.

Let your worst customer go to your best competitor!  If you want more Profit Lovin’ advice then click the link below to join Profit Lovers.



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