Melanie, lover of Profit... and rescue poochies

Why choose Melanie?

Not every coach is right for every client, so it's important to know how your coach thinks, works and creates results. 

Coaching with Melanie is a bespoke experience customised to your business and goals. No cookie cutter approach or secrets to success. Sure, there are lots of templates you can access and simplified processes to apply but Melanie has been around long enough to know different strokes fit different profit-lovin-folks.  

You're in the right place if you're looking for a fluff-free numbers driven approach to your business.

You won't get a lot of hand-holding along the way, what you will get is a strategy dripping with profit! 

Interesting bits about Melanie

Want to know a little more personal stuff about Melanie?

Why coach women?

There are plenty of Bro's out there spreading their words of bro-ish business wisdom, but they don't understand what being a woman in business is truly like.

Why so focused on profit?

My mama died way too young of breast cancer, she had nothing in savings, assets, superannuation or insurance. She had a small business, but a huge lack of confidence. I don't want to see another woman in that position. 

How did you get here?

Long story short. It started with a Chemistry Degree that lead to an adventure to Canada. That adventure turned into a sales job in giftware that took me all over the world. Finally I landed in General Management and consulting in the UK, got sick of travel and 12 years later here I am... 

Show us the rescue pooch!

Ziggy (a.k.a Piggy) Miller is possibly older than Jesus. There is really no way to know. He is mostly deaf, largely blind and 100% a good boi. 

Business Ethos

Want to see what Melanie stands for?

Businesses should be profitable + liveable + loveable

Sales won't change your life, profit will. 

Profit is NOT a dirty word!

Vital Stats

Check out Melanie's vital business stats

more than

Customers served! 100 coaching hours

a huge

Customers served! 100 years in business


Customers served! 100 clients coached

Super Powers


Taking a business that's become overly tedious with too many offers, too much complication and not enough profit and simplifying it!


Creating concise advice and direction so you're never left wondering what you need to do next to hit your profit goals. 

Number Crunching

Figuring out the numbers needed around profit and marketing metrics so you can reach your profit goals faster.


Cutting the mess of tangles that keep you working too hard for too little so you can spend your time scaling your business and your profit. 

What they say

Melanie has made me want to be a better business owner. She makes me realise it's possible to have a profitable and loveable business. 

I have increased my hourly rate by 111% and have gone from 0% retirement contribution to 9.5%!

Letitia Deanne

Letitia Deanne

I have been working with Melanie for over 3 years now, I think that says everything about how much I love coaching with her!

Naomi Rogers


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