Hey, I am Melanie,

I teach women how to create Profitable, Liveable, Loveable businesses (without fear or guilt).

If you are struggling to figure out how to move your business forward, get everything done in a limited amount of time, and most importantly, increase your profit then I am your gal!

Where have I been?

I spent 15 years in various roles such as head of sales and marketing, trade show coordinator, business development manager, general manager and a brief stint as a temp removing staples from contracts (a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do).

After dragging my suitcase all over the world,  living in Vancouver, London and the oh-so-glamourous city of Leeds I returned to Australia and started my own gig as a business coach. That was back in 2010, since then I have one on one coached over 50 small to medium business owners.

My super indulgent vision was to create an online business with major lifestyle perks. That vision came to fruition in early 2015. I am now the proud provider of two online courses, Profit School and How to Create Your First Online Course.

When I am not sharing business goodness I am…

  • Hanging with Office Assistant (a.k.a Ziggy), my rescue pooch and sanity soother.
  • Juicing green stuff to counteract the effects of white stuff (a.k.a Pinot Grigio)
  • Submerging myself in salt water at the beach
  • Daydreaming about my next business venture (deep inside beats the heart of a true entrepreneur)

My vital stats…

  • 15 odd years working in, running or coaching small businesses
  • 8000 + loyal members of the Profit Lovers community
  • Podcast interviews

 How to work with me…

Find out more details about working one on one with me over here.

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