Why No One Wants to Buy Your Online Course

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More insight from the file of "lessons Melanie learned the hard way", today we are talking about NOT selling your online course content. The hard truth is no one wants to buy another online course.

What? That doesn't make sense?

Online courses are literally hitting billions of dollars in sales each year and savvy entrepreneurs are learning how quickly they can access a global market and scale up their product sales. So why am I telling you that no one wants to buy your online course? Seems a bit rough and out of order right? I actually do want you to make as much money as your profit loving heart desires in online course sales, I just want you to think differently about how you're doing that. I want you to think differently about what people are looking to 'buy' and it isn't your online course.

People want to transform not to buy a course

You're not selling a 7 module course including step by step video and worksheets with a bonus Facebook Group. No, my friend, you're selling a transformation! You're selling the outcome not the content. You're selling the fastest way to achieve a result, not the steps involved in getting from point A to point B.

No one wants to buy another online course, they want the results that the online course delivers. People don't want to buy content, they want to invest in a change, discovery or transformation.

If you can crack the code of what they're looking for as an outcome and base the sales pitch of your course around that you're on to a winning sales formula! Now a quick word from the wise (the formerly clueless moi') it isn't always fast or easy to figure out exactly what end result your tribe wants.

I struggled long and hard with this and I attribute it to knowing what my tribe needs as opposed to what they want. I understand their core issues at a deeper level than they do, that is what makes me both the expert and the most clueless person ever.

 My deep understanding can often get in the way of seeing the outcome my tribe is hunting for. It can cloud the language I use and it can put me on a path of selling the wrong thing.

It is a steep learning curve to sell people what they think they want and not what you know they need.

No one wants to "learn" more stuff

Think about your online course; what is the outcome your ideal client will achieve when they have completed all the steps, modules or content? No one buys a 5 module video Pinterest course to learn how to pin. They buy a Pinterest course to create increased traffic and sales for their business. No one wants to spend hours learning how to write meal and exercises plans. They want to design their personalised transformational lifestyle plan that delivers fast results for long-term weight loss success.

No one wants to learn step by step how to write and publish their first book on Amazon, they want to hit the top 10 list for their subject on Amazon in just X weeks.

I am hoping you can see the difference between selling the content and selling the outcome. The learning experience is not what your ideal client is investing it, it is the happier, more accomplished or knowledgeable state that happens when they digest your information!

So you skip the sales page bit about the actual modules?

Nope. Don't skip that! You want to show people what is in the 'cyber' box for sure. You want to show them the content that will help them reach their desired result. This is a feature of the product you're selling and it is important you break it down for the buyer.


Too many online course creators focus just on breaking down the content in both their sales emails and on their sales page. The potential buyer sees a whole lot of work ahead of them. It is hard to be inspired or excited by that. Instead draw them in with the amazing transformation and once they're hooked show them what they get!

Now over to you! Can you see the difference between what you're selling and the outcome people are investing in?

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