Why your friends and family make horrible customers.

Your friends and family make horrible customers. Horrible!

Want to know why they make such terrible customers? Here are my top three reason, although I am sure there are many more than three!

Mates Rates

They often are not willing to pay full price, they expect mates rates or worse, they may expect your product or service for free. Often your friends and family don’t understand the costs associated with your product or service, especially if you work from home.

They can make assumptions that because you don’t have huge overheads you can easily afford to discount your product or service. If you offer a service that is based on your expertise or your skill set then it can be a huge challenge as time can often be confused as being “free”, therefore why should they pay? Your time is not free and they should be paying for your expertise more so than your time anyway.

You want me to do what?

Friends and family have a personal relationship that means they are completely comfortable asking for unlimited extras, changes or add –on’s that a customer would never expect to get for free. I hear this a lot of with women who are web and graphic designers. Friends and family will come back time and time again to make changes which is frustrating, time consuming, disrespectful and profit sucking.


Good bye confidence, hello low self worth!

If you take friends and family on as your first customers which most women in business will do as they are easily accessible, they are the “low hanging fruit” so to speak, they can damage your confidence and give you a false sense of your worth.

Family and friends will often say things like “are you really going charge that?, “do you think you will actually make money doing that?” and even “aren’t those prices a bit for a home based business?” What will likely happen is your confidence will take a massive hit. You will start to question your pricing and before long you will be offering your amazing product or service at a stupid low price, which will obliterate your potential to make profit.

We trust our friends and family. We trust their advice and their opinions but when it comes to the success of your small business you need to put your trust in yourself and knowing what you are worth.

The solution

If you are a Members Club member you have access to the information to help you understand what part of your product or service is profit, and how to charge correctly to make sure you aren’t working for free.


Your friends and family probably are not your target market!

My final word is family and friends are rarely your target market so don’t rely on them for sales in your business. If you do you may find yourself working really hard for free.