Work with Me

So you’re looking for a business coach?

I work predominantly with women who are looking for accountability, increased profits, better use of their time, a good understanding of their business finances and a strategic plan to help them achieve a healthy balance between creating income and family.

What I am not…

I am not a life coach, while I do have many techniques and strategies to help women work through resistance in creating a successful business I am all about helping you create more profit while working less. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and help you manifest your dreams we probably won’t be a good fit. If you are looking for someone who loves business but gets that us ladies have some pretty unique ways of crushing our ability to be successful then we will get on great.

Why me?

Because I know about business. I have run multi million dollar business, crafted strategic sales and marketing plans and substantially increased profits in four different countries. I know practical business strategy, not the stuff you learn from a “become a business coach” course.

Why you?

Because you deserve success and often the business you have only requires tweaking to become wildly successful. When we work in our own businesses day in and day our vision becomes blurred and the blinders go on. Often an outsider can hand you the obvious solutions that you are missing as you are just too deep in.

Worried about the investment?

Don’t be. I offer solutions for every budget. If you decide a one on one coach is what you need my aim is to make myself redundant as soon as possible. Business coaches often drag the process out, I like to get in and out fast! I want you to see results.

Where are you and where do I need to be?

Anywhere in the world! I have coached many clients over Skype. If you’re on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW Coast or South Brisbane we can meet in person. If not, then we can cyber meet. If you are in Gift and Homewares wholesale and have been recommend please give me a call as I often also take clients in Sydney.

One on One Coaching

High intensity, customised approach to get you moving fast. One on one coaching is suitable for businesses that are turning over more than $100K per annum. I have coached businesses that are nowhere near this level so if you want fast results this option may still be the right one for you.

One on one coaching is for those who want fast results and my full attention!

To find out more and request a free 15 minute chat click here. 

Group Coaching

If you’re not quite ready One on One Coaching then Group Coaching is a great alternative. Some of my packages even include an hour with me. The benefit of Group Coaching is that you get to learn from others experiences and you will hear questions answered that you didn’t even know you needed the answer to! Group Coaching is great for accountability and learning new skills fast. All group coaching programs are supported by video, audio and pdf lessons.

You can join my Profit Lovers Masterclass for $1297 (inc GST)

Online Learning

If you are feeling lonely, lost, unmotivated and know you need to learn some new skills then online learning is a great solution. Join the Profit Lover’s where you will get access to over 40 training videos plus worksheets, calculators, templates and guides. You will also have access to a private Facebook community where we set challenges, have accountability days and offer support and friendship.

Profit Lovers Accelerator is $97 (inc GST) per month